Uni stollen from my attic wallet

Hi someone has stollen my uni claim from my wallet 400 uni was taken out of my atomic wallet that I used through metamask that’s like 13k I have all the information and proof of this address still being used and still enters my wallet I have reached out to atomic wallet and they cannot do anything about this I dobt know how this was possible I do not use or share my mnemonic phrase or private key does anyone have any idea how I can possibly get this person busted sure upsets me to loose so much value as I could have used for pooling man this is really a bummer please send help sorry to cry about this but in my age I’m really starting to feel old and retirement is coming soon thanks for reading if anyone can help please contact me here


I feel your pain bud. The same has happened to me.
How ever these scammers are here to stay and they will keep Sterling from us.
I just lost an additional 100K$ buy a scammer that had a cloned site and communicates with me on Facebook.
So I am down big on my crypto profits.

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100 wow how did that happen? Holy shit I’m poor in real life and in crypto I have more crypto then I do in real cash 63$ crypto rsr) 661.00 reserve rights token that I can’t even trade because I have no ethereum for gas fees and that sucks I could sure use a good dinner and 0 usd man I wish I could just figure out a way to get that uni back but it’s impossible I really could use it as I don’t even know when I last had a extra 1$ bill to spare owell hopefully things will get better for me I’m sorry for your losses praying you get that back x100 and live a Better life God now’s some of us deserve better in life !! Hope things get better for you