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Would the community be in favor of supporting a Learn to Earn Campaign leveraging Coinbase Earn and CoinMarketCap Earn? This could effectively help teach current crypto holders/users about Uniswap (Swap/Pool/Governance) and possibly the tools necessary to use it (Wallet app like Metamask and block explorer like Etherscan). By doing this we could onboard the hundreds of thousands of other people in the space unfamiliar with DeFi and by doing so create positive first time experiences for the next wave of users.

This wouldn’t exactly onboard non-crypto holders/users but it is a start. Coinbase Earn created a few lessons on how to open a MakerDAO CDP last summer which made the total CDP user numbers doubled over the following weekend. That was a great experiment except for the fact that later MakerDAO transitioned from single collateral to multi collateral and I’m guessing most of those Coinbase users didn’t migrate. With Uniswap there shouldn’t be an issue like the one described above. The program could provide users enough Ether/UNI to make a swap and/or set up the user’s Ethereum address for voting.

There are several benefits to setting aside treasury funds for a project like this. A couple that come to mind are; more people hold $UNI tokens, more people use Uniswap (and have good first experience), more Ethereum addresses with the potential to vote/delegate on a proposal, more transaction fees for LPs.

Negatives to doing this could be added sell pressure if users who get the UNI from Earn program want to sell for another coin, congested network when program goes live, and new users may realize gas prices outweigh the need to use for small trade amounts.

A quick side note, this could be best to try when/if Uniswap moves to L2 solution in future or have the programs conduct the eligibility so users don’t experience high gas prices or clog up Ethereum mainnet.

Would love to hear what the community thinks about something like this and maybe there are other Learn to Earn programs I’m not familiar with. Maybe some that could help onboard non-crypto users?


They only use this mechanism for shitcoins. That’s because they are cheap to purchase and don’t have too much value. A Learn and earn program can be done but the rewards would have to be minute like that of a faucet. And still it would inflate the UNI market a lot.

Furthermore, UNISWAP, is not a difficult to use platform, and if you do have difficulty using it you can check out youtube. Also in terms of marketing, as aforementioned in another thread, UNISWAP, is the no1 DeFi project.

For those reason, I am against this proposal.


Would also vote no on similar merits to @marcangeloh


Nay for similar merits @Uniguy772

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I agree the reward doesn’t need to be substantial, maybe like $5-$10 worth or 1 $UNI. If there was a limit put in place how many people could earn the reward (first 50k people) that really wouldn’t be that big of a total reward compared to the amount in circulating supply. Say each Coinbase and CoinMarketCap each got 50k UNI to distribute, thats 100k $UNI which is only 0.1% of Circulating Supply, a drop in the bucket.

Coinbase did the program for MakerDAO’s SAI and Kyber’s KNC so I don’t think it is strictly “shitcoins”.

If you believe this to be true I can’t imagine you have onboarded many people with little to no experience using crypto or DeFi. Yes Uniswap’s interface is easy to understand but there are things like sending a txn to allow an ERC20 token to be sold which a lot of first time users think is them swapping it instead. But to get back to my original point, it isn’t so much teaching people how to use Uniswap’s swap function, it could be about showing how to provide liquidity, vote on proposal, create new liquidity pool, analyze a trading pair, and so on. My main concern is teaching new users how to use a wallet application and Etherscan so they swap the right token and don’t waste gas on a failed txn.

MakerDAO was the number 1 DeFi project last summer but Coinbase Earn program put CDP numbers through the roof, from 10,000 CDPs to 100,000+ in a month. Its not crazy to think these two programs could get unique users on Uniswap above 1 million in a weekend (currently at about 500k). Not to mention a lot of those current 500k users are the same user with different addresses, I know because I am one of them. Coinbase and CoinMarketCap set their programs up so only 1 reward per real user. This could help get a gauge of how many “unique” users Uniswap has and can attain.

I appreciate your response but respectfully disagree with most of your counter points.

If I may kindly counter your point why would someone want governance in a platform theyve never possibly heard of or even used before I know coinbase earn do a similar program but I think it’s safe to say most people often sell off from these programs with very few keeping or even participating in the protocol.

As such even if it is only 1% it could be questioned hoe much use would Uniswap really get out of this far from more draining of liquidity?

I know it took me 2 attempts myself to get a tx through Uniswap the first time I used it but as many have said before there are countless videos on YouTube to help with this if people want to learn the basics of Uniswap.

Also in doing this you would be releasing more governance tokens to a CEX with no guarantee the would shift them giving them more potential power in the short term to vote some malicious proposal through

I look forward to heart any counters to my above arguments :grinning:


I definitely believe this to be a negative to the campaign since Uniswap is bascially the king of decentralized finance and full custody of your own assets. I could only hope Coinbase (who has financial interests in Uniswap’s success) wouldn’t do anything to harm the community.

How much real value will a campaign like this bring the ecosystem is a very good question which I think would need some thorough research on. I can’t speak on how well those projects convert non-users to long-term users but I’m sure the answer could be found out through an inquiry to the respective teams. I guess my point is more about the 5%-20% of new users a program like this could bring on. They might be BTC/ETH holders who just let their money sit in Coinbase because they don’t know what they can do with it. A program like this could help show how these assets are more than just speculative investments, ETH and UNI have real utility. Who knows maybe this sparks a large bitcoin holder to wrap some of their BTC on Ethereum or a large Ether/USDC holder to provide liquidity on Uniswap.

To your draining liquidity point, wouldn’t adding 100k UNI to the market create more liquidity? Yes, initially it may be sold for another token/coin but in my head that’s just $UNI going from weak hands/dumb money to strong hands/smart money.

Lastly, I don’t think there can ever be enough positive marketing/tutorials on Uniswap. Youtube and Twitter are great places to find information but there’s always room for more. Most companies and projects have a specified dollar amount for how much they are willing to spend to convert/onbaord a new user, a lot of the time it’s around $10.

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Sure thing, i would like to give 10$ in uni to get newbies to learn about uniswap #1dex.
Furthermore. I would also like more involvement from coinbase towards usability for the uni token. Same like they do for staking dai, tezos , usdc.
I would like to be able to vote/use/stake with my uni from coinbase directly.
Because new users won’t have a wallet and honestly (apart from not your keys not your crypto) most of them will ruin the keys in some way.

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Agree, I don’t think setting aside 1M $UNI from treasury to onboard 250k-500k new users would hurt the Uniswap community or current holders. It would be awesome to work with Coinbase to integrate a tab within the $UNI wallet that would direct their users to the voting page. Owning your keys has its place in crypto but not for new/uneducated users. Not to mention adding more UNI into circulation would add to the amount available for voting. Even if those who receive the UNI from earn programs delegate, it would still be a win for the community.

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I like this idea. Wait for L2. SNX has a great L2, app working.
I vote to allow people to learn how to add liquidity and vote.

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would check out Uniswaps Layer 2 demo on the testnet in collaboration with Plasma Group

Can also be accessed from the products drop down on


Great thanks for this!

Are there any materials on how to use this?

A little confusing, but I will wait for more

You pick a team Uni or Pigi to begin with and then you can get tokens from the twitter faucet by tweeting out.

From there you can swap Uni for Pigi or vice versa,switch teams to send your UNI/PIGI to other testnet wallets.

Main purpose really is to demonstrate the Layer 2 aspect and show what its like to send and swap tokens both faster and without the fees. Rverything on there is testnet and have no significance to real value.

Not found any informational documentation on it as of yet maybe someone else has or maybe someone has created some documentation

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This is the best pitch yet. This would help with onboarding and keeping uni’s economic energy in the hands of users with good intent.