Wanting to learn as much as I can about UNISWAP and its ways!

So im still learning as I go!
Anyone have suggestions or more knowledge to share in ways I can be helpful to the community and its governance. I’m sure I’m low on the totempole but that’s just for now until I can get on a level that matters to UNISWAP and its people.
Any suggestions or advice is welcomed. I believe in crypto currency as a whole and of course want to see it all succeed whether it takes over all fiat or not.

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Hey! Welcome :wave:

It’s not easy to answer your question without knowing your skills! :slight_smile:

I think one of the most useful things that can be done for a base protocol like Uniswap is building on top of it - something that Uniswap Grants Program aims to promote.

If you are new to crypto, one advantage you may have over crypto veterans is ability to relate to newcomer’s difficulties and help them better.

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