Ban Accounts Whinging/Crying About Missing the Airdrop


I propose to move the motion that going forward any accounts that make forum posts or post comments under other forum posts purely aimed at how they “Missed the airdrop”, “want the airdrop date changed” or any other notion relating to the Airdrop to be banned with immediate effect.

These users are not helping the project or holders of UNI who’s primary focus is now towards governance and helping Uniswap move forward instead these users are hijacking this forum purely for the money aspect not providing any value to the platform or its users.

Would be great to see the forum be brought back to its glory with discussion about genuine proposals and not garbage towards how one has missed an opportunity


Hi Uniguy,

We’re keeping our eyes on it. And, we’ve already removed a lot of unneccesary posts.

However, we also believe discussion should be possible. And, so a few threads are still up in which this whole discussion can take place. That being said, I’m locking this thread.