We need to have Mods ban all threads asking for change of snapshot date

and all threads and Proposals asking for users to deposit their UNI. Our job and our vote is to decide collectively the future course of UNISWAP and to use the remaining tokens in the Treasury. We will continue to be attacked by scammers, and if the price goes higher the attacks will intensify. So far I’d say at least 50% of threads and proposals are against the interests of Uniswap and UNI holders.


a lot of people are sour… this needs to go first. It like babies asking their parents for candy and don’t get it. They will eventually stop crying and go to bed.

@Neverselling a lot of topics have been closed/removed over the past week. Topics that were exactly regarding the airdrop / snapshot / etc.

However, as it’s a ‘hot’ topic, we’ve allowed a few topics to remain open that cover the overall discussion. Personally I agree, the snapshot has happened - those eligible can claim their UNI. Let’s move on to actual governance.

I’m sure we’ll move there soon enough and there’ll be clear guidelines for what this forum should and should not be used for.

Edit; that being said I’m sure I can close this topic :slight_smile: