Add SNX/ETH pool to list of pools eligible for UNI rewards

SNX is an important collateral asset within the DeFi ecosystem, it currently secures nearly $150 million USD worth of synthetic assets on Ethereum. Greater liquidity for SNX makes it easier for stakers to manage their debt obligations and for the entire system to stay sufficiently collateralized, both of which in turn make DeFi’s largest pool of synthetic asset liquidity more efficient.

Let’s make it happen!


100% support this proposal.


i strongly support this proposal :fire:


Totally agree. 100% supported.

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Yes please! 100% support

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I support this proposal!

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I support this 100% and will vote in favour of this :slight_smile:

yes snx is one of the best projects out there

Yes. Fully support this proposal!

100% support this proposal :cowboy_hat_face:

SNX holders are holding till 60$
they dont need liquidity.

So that’s a vote for “No” if it wasnt clear.


Hey folx!

I disagree with this initiative, because I don’t think that SNX brings additional value to the exchange as a bridge asset.

Eg. increased ETH/USDC depth improves the trading experience for many additional assets beyond USDC and ETH by virtue of users being able to trade USDC <> other assets with more liquidity. USDC is also directly paired with many assets on UniV2, so it may improve generalized liquidity for ETH as well. I’d argue the same applies for DAI, USDT, and WBTC, but isn’t applicable to SNX. The only people who benefit directly from incentivizing SNX liquidity depth are SNX holders.

I’d be much more interested in an sUSD/ETH pool for incentives, as this could serve as bridge liquidity between Uniswap and the Synthetix Exchange.

PS. No need to make a reply to write “+1 agree”, can always use the like button :slight_smile:


I don’t think any of the outlined dontpoints show why uni should invest UNI here. Afaik, there are no liquidations in SNX yet so the only order flow coming to uni for SNX would strictly be speculatory. If SNX had liquidations they needed to process, it would be much more interesting imo

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show your UNI :grin:


Liquidations do exist in the system now

100% Suport this proposal too.

very good, 100% support this proposal