Add SNX/ETH pool to list of pools eligible for rewards

Synthetix & Uniswap go way back before liquidity mining is a thing. In fact, Synthetix gave rise to liquidity mining and inspired a new generation of farmers.

Would love to see SNX/ETH among the early pools to receive $UNI rewards.


Outside of the novelty of having two of the original platforms being paired together I don’t feel like this is the best pool to add when thinking of how much it will grow the Uniswap platform. I personally agree that it would be really cool but there are other “big name” pairs that would draw holders of other tokens to decide to pool their tokens. The whole goal of deciding on new pools eligible for rewards is to increase the overall liquidity, so adding a pool like LINK/ETH would be more beneficial due to the number of Link holders. (Chainlink’s higher market cap would lead to a larger liquidity pool than what SNX/ETH could provide) I also think UNI/ETH would be a natural selection to be added perhaps before SNX/ETH gets added. SNX could come at a much later time. Thoughts?