Proposal: add YFI to Default list

Let’s add YFI to the Default list on

Compared to other tokens in the list, without naming names, YFI is:

  • sufficiently decentralized
  • was reasonably fairly distributed
  • is a productive revenue-generating asset
  • highly liquid
  • not a useless friction token (aka utility token)
  • does not rely on hot-potato ponzinomics
  • its community has not carelessly put users’ deposits at risk
  • its ecosystem is live and evolving, has not shut down operation



Hi Aliatiia,

I’m pretty sure this has already been requested on the Github: Might be something for you to check out.


Ah excellent, I missed that. Ok let’s close this thread.

I’ll draft a “Criteria for Inclusion” to make the process as objective as possible, it will be for I guess (or is also under the purview of UNI goveners?)

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