Suggestions and recommendations for community development

There is a lot of talk right now due to both airdrops and listing on many exchanges, so will this continue?

What should we do to keep it going?

How should we make people not go to other dex platforms and use uniswap?

I would appreciate it if you leave a comment below, but my advice is that active working community members within the next 1 month should be rewarded so that new members are encouraged

Those who only use uniswap as dex and do not use other platforms, that is, those who show loyalty can be identified and rewarded. :gift:


This should be a great way to get bright ideas flowing

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We can get this bro stay in community

I think that explicitly offering rewards won’t bring anything constructive.

Also, I don’t think loyalty to a platform is important. If users change DEXes it’s because they offer something that UNI doesn’t, and that should be changed not by giving out money but by improving.

1 Like i guess this one is not legit, they use videos and the logo of uniswap to steal UNI token. What can we do against it?

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If you need to report scams like that there are a couple of things to try:

  • Report it as phishing to Google SafeBrowsing which eventually should block the page from all Chrome browsers
  • Report it to the registrar of the domain (use a online whois website, find the registrar, search for the form to report abuse)
  • Report it to their hosting provider (you have to search for the IP then who owns the IP, then email that provider)

I already did that for that particular website but more will appear.

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I think we should complain altogether, there are hundreds of people getting defrauded in this way, we should make a noise without more cases of fraud.

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Nobody will return 10 to you because you sent 1, I looked at the fraudulent’s ether address and unfortunately quite a lot of people were scammed

If I say I need to send 10, people who won’t send them give 400 to the cheater blindly

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Locking this topic, please use this one: How to get more people to become Uniswap users?.

It’s the same discussion that was created earlier.