Uniswap Delegate Rewards

Uniswap Delegate Rewards

This thread will serve as the monthly updates for the Uniswap delegate rewards. The metrics are calculated by the Accountability Committee and help from Doo who submitted the original proposal.

Here is the spreadsheet where we will record each month’s metrics and payments: Delegate Tracker


June 2024

There were four votes that ended in June:

The rewards for the month are as follows:

Delegate Voting Rewards Communication Rewards
404 DAO $3000 $3000
Arana Digital $3000 $3000
Atiselsts.eth $3000 $3000
FranklinDAO $3000 $3000
Gauntlet $3000 $3000
GFX Labs $3000 $3000
Karpatkey $3000 $3000
Keyrock $3000 $3000
L2BEAT $3000 $3000
Michigan Blockchain $3000 $3000
PGov $3000 $3000
StableLab $3000 $3000

For this month’s voting delegate rewards, we looked at each delegate’s voting history from April, May, and June. If it was over 80%, they qualified for the $3000.

If a delegate qualified, then they would be eligible for the second communication rewards. We decided that this would be pro rata based on the % of votes they communicated their rationale for in June. For example, if a delegate communicated on 3 out of 4 of the votes in June, then they would receive 75% or $2250 in rewards.

Overall, this program is off to a great success as each delegate team was able to reach the 80% voting metric and communicated on 100% of all the votes that ended in June. More details can be found here. Great job everyone!