Next Steps for Uniswap Delegate Reward

Hello everyone, the proposal Uniswap Delegate Reward has passed and executed and thanks for all the feedback and support. Here are the next steps:

  1. The Delegate Reward for 12 Delegates will be available starting June 2024. The basic requirement is of following:

-Maintain 80% onchain and offchain voting participation for the past 3 months. Achieving this will provide $3,000 USD worth of $UNI

The snapshot date for the past 3 months for June will be taken at July 1st 9pm CET. Only proposals that have been completed would be counted (so if there’s a voting that for example go for June 30 to July 4th, as the voting is still ongoing as of July 1st, it won’t count as part of voting participation)

  1. There’s also additional reward (only available if the above Requirement of Voting Participation is fulfilled):

-Write rationale for the voting on their delegate profile. Achieving this will provide an additional $3,000 USD worth of $UNI

While there are some discussions around when writing the rationale would be the most effective (for example, some would argue while the voting is still happening while some say within a week or two after the voting), for this month, we believe having it available till July 3rd 9pm CET for votings that have finished in June seems reasonable so that even if it ended on the last day of June, a delegate has time to write up the rationale. For easier tracking as well as for transparency with the community, please create a delegate profile and share the updates and rationales there as is a standard across different DAOs. Of course, sharing via other ways such as snapshot or tally is possible but it won’t count as fulfilling this requirement for this month.

  1. Accountability Committee will help to keep track of these and share the status and qualification by July 8th. The delegates and the community will have till July 12 to challenge the result (for example, a delegate voted on a certain proposal but Accountability Committee mistakenly marked it down as not voted and thus challenged). If all is good or corrected, the first payments can be sent by the Accountability Committee on the week of July 15th. We are sure as the process becomes more streamlined, the payments can be sent earlier as time goes.

Regarding Uniswap Delegate Reward Working Group

  1. The Uniswap Delegate Reward Working Group will be given the template to fill the hours for the retro payment (the max hours will be 40 hours). Please fill them by June 7th 9pm CET. Some members might take longer but please fill them by June 10th 9pm CET by the latest. Then the Accountability Committee will proceed with sending the payments.

  2. The current Uniswap Delegate Reward Working Group will be dissolved. We welcome formations of new groups / ideas for the upcoming Cycle 2


After discussion with the Accountability Committee members, the tracking will be conducted by the Accountability Committee. We thank them for their contributions so far and in the future.