[RFC] Retroactive Reward for Uniswap Delegate Reward Working Group

StableLab proposed the Uniswap Delegate Reward Initiative in late February of this year. After the GovSwap event in Denver, further research to plan and implement the Delegate Reward Initiative was highlighted, leading to a formation of Uniswap Delegate Reward Working Group, which was composed of 8 members from different organizations. After extensive research for more than a month, the Working Group produced several findings, which can be found here: https://gov.uniswap.org/t/findings-from-uniswap-delegate-reward-working-group/23702. The proposal seeks Retroactive reward for the Working Group for their contributions so far as well as potential further contributions in a short term.

Proposal Details
The Working Group had two calls that involved the whole group, and once split into three groups, several other calls for both coordination as well as interviews with the stakeholders. The Working Group has another call later next week that involves the whole group, and might involve more calls before proceeding further into voting for the Uniswap Delegate Reward initiative.

While some groups likely spent more time than others, generally, the contribution hours so far have been less than 30 hours. And in good faith as well as reasonable expectation, we believe that it should be less than 40 hours even if considering further contributions in the future. Therefore, using 200 USD per hour similar to the Accountability Committee, the proposal seeks 64,000 USD (40 hours * 8 members * 200 USD per hour) worth of UNI (which will be more specified in the number of UNI tokens during the onchain voting if this passes the offchain vote) to be at maximum distributed to the Working Group. The amount will be first sent to the multisig held by the Accountability Committee. In reality, there will likely be some leftover budget and believe that considering the Accountability Committee has various functions and initiatives, the leftover can be used as the operation or initiative budget for the Committee in the future.

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I’m not against the compensation, but to start a bit of discussion here - perhaps another natural point in time when to retroactively compensate for such efforts is when the delegate reward program itself launches. This would save some voting overhead for the DAO, and allow to batch the compensation for this first group together with any other, future efforts that surely will be needed before the program can launch.


I’m also not against your compensation, but let’s include it in the final proposal on Uniswap Delegate Rewards.
This way we will understand that you have come to some result.