Uniswap DAO can help 80K UNI to Turkey to relief after the big earthquake disaster

Uniswap Community supporters,
Whole World is helping Turkey right now.
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There was a catastrophic earthquake that equal to about 32 atomic bombs in Turkey.

The donation will be sent to the Ahbap foundation, which was the most active in Turkey in this earthquake. Ahbap foundation is very well known and legitimate foundation works in coordinate with the governmental organizations. They are the most trustable NGO in Turkey right now.

The number of deaths is more than 30K and is increasing day by day unfortunately :frowning:

  • 70% of the cities affected by the earthquake disappeared!

Uniswap is always seen as the best DEX in global in the Turkey!

According to Similarweb data, Turkey ranks 7th among the countries where uniswap receives the most web traffic.
The Turkish ecosystem will never forget this help from the Uniswap DAO treasury.

Among the top 10 crypto exchanges volume, Turkey user constitutes an important part of the crypto trade volume.

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( Uniswap DAO helps Turkiye earthquake )