Uniswap DAO helps Turkiye earthquake

Turkiye is struggling with a huge earthquake disaster.

Problem Nearly 15,000 buildings were destroyed and around 8000 people lost their lives in the last 60 hours. Many people have become homeless, and this is not something that will pass soon. The numbers will increase further!

This is an urgent priority process and it would be helpful to act quickly on issues such as forum discussion and temperature analysis. Outside of the 7 day DAO voting


Considering this difficult situation that the Turkish people are going through, I demand that 1.4M USD worth of UNI tokens be transferred to the Ahbap foundation’s Ethereum address with DAO voting!

Ahbap foundation - was founded by Haluk Levent. Non profit
Provides support to disaster victims in the earthquake area!

Why Uniswap support to Turkiye earthquake

There are 8 million crypto traders in Turkiye. If Uniswap shows its support in this difficult time, the Turkish ecosystem will not forget this support. Turkish traders will try to support this vote by purchasing UNI tokens.
Our country trader will then show their support for the UNI token with HODL.

Layer 1 solutions and crypto influencers and centralized exchanges have provided massive amounts of monetary support to Turkiye.

This time, the support of leading DEX organization Uniswap is needed to provide necessary humanitarian supplies to people in the disaster area.

Uniswap is a decentralized organization that can provide and pioneer this within On-chain DAOs with 2.3 B treasury.

Haluk levent - Ahbap foundation
I am sharing the information about the Ahbap foundation and the address of the foundation to which the uni token should be transferred!
Ethereum adress:

Ethglobal tweet
I also share the tweet link supported by Ethglobal.



Thanks for creating this post Yunus. Turkey needs urgent help. I’d encourage everyone to do what they can, to support the community in Turkey.

Please spread the news. Anyone who wants to donate personally can check the Multisig wallet addresses shared in the Twitter link above.

Thanks for the support!


Thank you for your concern @Yunuscebeci


Please hear us, help Turkey for earthquake :frowning:


I hope it grows fast and we can delegate enough as soon as possible


This post is crucial, because, Turkey and all the people impacted by thr earthquake need any kind of help they can get right now.
Please support this :pray:t2:


Thank you for concern Yunus. It’s critical to be Rapid. Please support Turkey


Thank you very much Yunus! i hope your post reaches more and more people.


It does matter! Any help appreciated!


It is the duty of all humanity to help Turkey. Please do not ignore this. Our pain is so unbearable. Turkey is a nation that always tries to help those in need. Now we are waiting for your help.


thanks for the topic and efforts.

it’s deeply concerning, we are facing one of the biggest disasters of 21st century. approx 5-10m people is homeless rn


I think we should donate 100k UNI here. I’m not sure how to further diligence the charity because I don’t speak turkish, but @vbuterin sent 99 ETH this morning and I’m happy to follow his lead. Let’s have a quick discussion about amounts and get this to a snapshot early next week.


Thank you yunus. Please support Turkey. We need donations.


Wow amazing to see so many coming together to bring aid to these people as quickly as possible. :pleading_face:

I want to also draw the attention of the community to Giveth’s quadratically funded matching pool project to help all of the Turkish / Syrian earthquake relief projects on our platform at once. With that said, we are urgently appealing for your donation to be shared equally amongst these projects by donating to this single matching pool.

Additionally, Giveth will even subsidize your donation with our token economy through our GIVbacks program.