Consensus Check - Deploy Uniswap V3 to Polygon PoS Chain

Voting on this Consensus Check is live on Snapshot. Please submit your votes by December 2nd.

Roughly a week ago, we (the Polygon team) submitted an official proposal to Deploy Uniswap V3 to Polygon PoS Chain.

We are honored and humbled by all the support we have received from the Uniswap community so far. After the initial supportive comments, we initiated the first phase of the Uniswap governance process: Temperature Check on Snapshot. This phase went exceptionally well; 7.79M UNI (~100%) voted yes, orders of magnitude more than the required 25k UNI quorum!

We are now initiating Consensus Check, the second (out of three) phase of the governance process, and we kindly ask for your support.

NOTE: We edited the original proposal to include more specific details regarding the financial incentives we are willing to offer to help the adoption and growth of Uniswap on Polygon. Specifically, we would be willing to commit up to $20M for this purpose, and we propose to use these funds in the following way:

  • Up to $15M for a long-term liquidity mining campaign;
  • Up to $5M for a special purpose DAO, focused on the overall adoption of Uniswap on Polygon.

This amount, as well as the proposed use of funds do not have to be final; we are willing to discuss and work with the Uniswap team and community in order to finalize them.


I hope it can be passed as soon as possible, and I have agreed.


44 million votes. It seems that everyone hopes that uni will be deployed on polygon as soon as possible. I believe this is a good start. We will enter L2 together with polygon in the future.


Hope Uni will be deployed on Polygon soon.


I spent a handling fee of 2 uni, exchanged other tokens for Uni on binance and mentioned my wallet, hoping to support the next round of governance proposal!