Consensus Check — [Uniswap DAO can help 80K UNI to Turkey to relief after the big earthquake disaster]

Uniswap Community supporters,

Thanks to your support, we passed the temperature check, the first phase(Tempature Check) of the governance with 98% yes votes.

The number of deaths is more than 40K and is increasing day by day unfortunately :frowning:
There was 70% destruction in 10 cities affected by the earthquake.

The whole world is helping Turkey right now, from the countries to singers or company are donating to Turkey to relieve the damage after the catastrophic earthquake.
We had planned to transfer the donation from UniswapDAO to the Ahbap foundation first (as in our forum or temperature check, Uniswap DAO helps Turkiye earthquake ), but the Turkish fiscal authority asked them to close their accounts and move the money to the bank.

Also, after the authority has allowed to crypto donations, a multisig has been established last week, named Anka relief. They will direct all the funds raised to legitimate and trusted NGOs that address multiple humanitarian needs.
Vitalik Buterin also has chosen Anka Relief multisig to donate.

Multisig wallet signers are people known in the crypto ecosystem and the necessary information is explained in the link we shared.
They are the most trustable Crpyto multisig in Turkey right now
Anka Relief,

Uniswap is always seen as the best DEX in global in the Turkey!
According to similarweb data, Turkey ranks 7th among the countries where uniswap receives the most web traffic.
The Turkish ecosystem will never forget this aid from the Uniswap DAO treasury.

Among the top 10 crypto exchange volumes, Turkey user accounts for a significant portion of the crypto trading volume. There are 8 million crypto traders

You can find donations made by crypto exchange and blockchain platforms in this tweet.

You can find the total aid of 11m USD(target) initiated by the local exchange here(BtcTurk)

This assistance by Uniswap DAO will be a very important support when there is a need for lobbying with legal authority in Turkey.

Link to temperature check governance forum post: Uniswap DAO can help 80K UNI to Turkey to relief after the big earthquake disaster