Uniswap against SCAM

As cyberspace is becoming a more dangerous place every day I wonder if it is possible to add some layers to Uniswap smart contract to freeze scammer’s addresses and if the community agrees to return back stolen UNI tokens to the owner? Or we really need a completely new much safer internet?


Unfortunately uniswap has done very little to stop user getting front runner bots that can steal 1000s per transaction. It would make sense that slippage would always reset to 0.5% but it doesn’t and nothing has been done to stop listings of coins that can be bought but not sold totally unacceptable


At least those hacker’s and scambot’s addresses should be frozen.

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I hear a lot from people complaining about being scammed band ripped off and demanding recompense.
being your own bank is not necessarily for everyone and is certainly not necessarily the best choice for people with paper hands. Theres a huge cross-section of the community that really has no business here because they don’t do any research and they don’t really pay any attention, they’re just looking to make a quick buck so they throw their coins at whatever wall they’ll stick to that promises them a 500% return. When that return is not manifested they then start screaming scam and rip off and demand that somebody go and take their tokens back from whomever failed them. This is not the responsibility of the community or the exchange… if you put yourself into a stupid deal because you’re not paying attention and that person runs off with your tokens that’s on you bro, it’s part of the risk of being your own bank and if you can’t handle that risk if it scares you or you think it’s not right then you should go back and hire a bank to handle your money.

But to try to turn uniswap into fraud police seems excessive and way outside of the realm of what this structure is all about. I mean do you have time to do research and police the different scammers that may or may not be scamming anyone on the uniswap exchange right now? because I surely do not nor am I interested enough in someone else’s stupid mistakes to even try to determine whether their money should be frozen and taken away and given back to somebody else. At that point you’re empowering what, an organization like the SEC to handle this?

call me crazy but if you’re dumb enough to hand your coins over to somebody else who then rips you off or takes off with them, then you shouldn’t probably be investing in this sphere at this point. but the idea of giving the community or anyone else the opportunity and the power to freeze someone’s accounts or take back their funds that is not what Defi is all about… this is kind of trying to get away from that sort of a thing.
if that is what makes you feel comfortable though I hear they’ve got plenty of opportunity over at NASDAQ, you can open up an account with Robin Hood and I’m sure they’ll be happy to have you


I quite agreed with you


Oh, Socrates, Satoshi, and Tesla, sorry why we haven’t recognized you in one almighty human being.
Thank you for your epic observation about how only stupid and greedy persons can be scammed in cyberspace.
Well done son.

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I agree 100% the last air drop I got from uni I sent to my nano s and it was stolen while doing the transfer.

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Thats exactly what is all about, and I don’t think you consider yourself like a greedy and stupid person.

Uniswap I was once so happy to get that 400 airdrop,then I wanted to hodl away from platform so I don’t get scammed, so when I did the transfer it just disappeared to my nano s wallet on my phone,it’s gone

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While this is a great idea and all, I don’t see how this is different from blacklists. I thought the whole point of crypto was that there was no censorship. Even though, I agree with the intention, the creation of a list of addresses to only make sure they can’t trade on Uniswap is a old slippery slope to some sort of control or manipulation of the list and thus lose the original vision of being open to everyone.

And even if we made the list, what good would it really do? Every here has the power to create infinite addresses and not only there are tools out there to obfuscate the coins so we can’t tell if the coins are in a new scammer wallets consistently.

This issue may not be solved unless there was some sort of digital identity or something that would make the scammer still want and need to use the same address or else its pointless.

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Well, a hacker mostly needs to exchange and move stolen tokens. Blacklist or block can help but it must be done for the whole Ethereum blockchain.
Also, addresses on Ethereum blockchain can be tracked.

so you want to not only regulate Defi but you also want a Blockchain wide blacklist??
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Do you work for the SEC or what?

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No Socrates, I’m just talking about how in this incubatory phase of crypto adoption people are already being massively ‘slaughtered’ on a daily basis in cyberspace, while people like you think they’re watching a fucking 2D TV show.
When we speak about the free decentralized world it seems we are missing the two most important aspects, security, and the price of freedom.

Your use of random "smart " names you know to address me not withstanding, I’m sure you are clever enough to realize that the only way to exert absolute control over an asset and it’s distribution is thur centralization. Look at Bitcoin, this was a completely anonymous asset when it was first run on the market. He does such could not be tracked or controlled however the US government has better ideas and through massive campaign of aggressive prosecution and centralization that introduced KYC controls to every on-ramp they can exert influence over. I live in a long way to go before they are done. But that very centralization is what defies the opposite of and therefore the two can’t coexist in the same system.

this market this entire sphere at this point is more like the wild West than anything else if you think that’s a place to come for safety and security you are sort of mistaken sir Yes it’s like the wild West out here and people are being taken for rides but mostly it’s because they’re GETTING ON THE RIDE. I have not been in the space for very long myself and have lost a couple of coins myself to bad ideaa and get rich quick schemes. but that’s the beauty of the space he does yourself up and you often you keep on pushing because you only get what you make here and you shoulder 100% of the risk on yourself and that’s that if you’re not up to it then take your whining to coinbase where I’m sure they have something there to help you… I hear they can shut their market down anytime anybody starts to make too much money… That should set your mind at ease.

but seriously if you don’t have a solid understanding of the technology and the procedures and in the way that things are done why in the world would you put a pile of your money here to lose by some random technical mistake sending coins from one wallet to another?

Go home boomer… I hear JP Morgan calling, they miss you and your clumsy cash

Oh and if you’re looking to calculate the price of freedom whatever it is that you’re referring to there you should probably start by adding up all the coins that someone has scammed out of your wallet sir… Oh no wait… that’s the price of ignorance… They’ve had it twisted all these years freedom is free my friend It’s tyranny and oppression that costs so much…

I am sorry to say that 400 UNI token has been stolen from my eth address. How is this possible when I have never shared with anyone about eth seeds and private keys nor store it on an online device. Does such a scam not break the morale of crypto investors and holders? This is a shameful and dangerous incident which is quite scary. On this, it has become very important to uniswap and get the Ethereum Dev Team aware. Such severe insecurity will prompt investors to turn and leave the crypto area.

My ETH address 0xa16801ebc501f8c0c6aEcbe315C04604B96B27b8

Scammer ETH address

ETH transaction hash id




The ETH address of the scammer has a total of 25 transactions during 4 hours and a token worth of 91.32ETH has been stolen.

Watch out maybe a hacker took control over your whole computer.
Have you reported to Eherscan, Ethereum, Uniswap, Bitcointalk, authority prosecutors and other places?

I’ll start to add here websites where you can report scam/fraud.
Crypto Scam Data Base
Fraud Data Base
reddit Cyber Crime
Cyber Crime Police Around The World (full list)
Crypto Police
Crypto Scam Alert
Europe Report Cyber Crime
How and Where to Report Phishing Websites

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Here are some tools for tracking transactions on the Ethereum blockchain and couple of companies who are doing blockchain cybercrime investigation.

Socrates, I totally agree with the fact that cyberspace is Wild West or Eldorado right now, but on the other hand, please show your homework at school, not here. Maybe someone will be impressed.
Honestly, I really don’t have the time and energy to teach someone how not to teach a fish how to swim.

Ok so you have no desire to discuss your proposal, you just wanted a thread where you could complain about how hard it is to not get scammed in the hopes of finding what, sympathy? Fresh targets? Well then good luck with that. perhaps you can get them to institute whatever system Tether uses to freeze people’s funds… That’s defi right?

Your insistance on ignoring the substance of my posts and instead marginalizing them with sarcastic names and platitudes is insulting to say the least. And clearly illustrates how little you actually know about this part of the economy and the
People who design and power it. This is a space for intelligent discourse not childish insults. Show my homework in school not here? I haven’t clue what that is supposed to mean, but it does nothing to further your idea nor prove your point of view. So I can only assume that you can see just as clearly as everyone else that your proposal has no merit.

You could ha e simply said that not not engaged in the name calling and such that seems to be the core of all of your posts.

All that to say this "grow up and do some research before you open your mouth, you are surrounded here by people who are more intelligent than everyone you have ever met. 98% of who will not even take the time to post on this thread because it’s a water of their time on a non starter. They will leave teaching you how to fish to the low grade idiots like myself cause even I know that this is a stupid, pointless thread that I’ve wasted too much time on already.

Good luck buddy