How to get more people to become Uniswap users?

The growth of uniswap has lead to a number of competitors.Facing intense competition,how to beat competitors like sushiswap ,…? How can we atrrct more users to uniswap in the future,thus making uniswap more powerful?


Welcome to propose ideas and disuss them together.This is going to make the UNI token more valuable. :mechanical_arm:


Have Uniswap have an allocation for Businesses in LONG TERM use cases in the real world.
Example releasing or allowing businesses in education / Jobs and so forth to have a community driven purpose for the betterment of huminity, Profits will come naturally because education / work ( jobs ) will never go away.
I have a business in education for example in Vietnam / China — We have 16 000 teachers.
Imagine the salary earners *( Teachers ) in education helping the world become a better place on the one hand - Increasing capital for the schools whom are allocated x amount of tokens which accrues value over time, why ?

If I was a long term investor and I know that there is a coin / token that represents education / Jobs around the world id invest long term. There also will be a use case for this token - Once the token gets released an abundance of new options are open for teachers who are at the forefront of adoption as well as schools / universities and so forth… My company has a website with profiles attached for 16 000 teachers already/ If they are rewarded for adding their own liquidity ( they receive salaries on a monthly basis ) then again there is much better chance of the token success over time. Why ? They make a higher salary the more they hold.
How Uni is better than the rest is offering or having exclusivity for this token — Exchanges can list and buyers can buy / sell//// This is what crypto needs.


Good question Bruce,

Personally I’ve been thinking about this and ultimately it’s up to the community.
So, how can you attract more users?

  • Point out the growth Uniswap has seen recently, the recent developments & the major fact there’s now Uniswap Governance (fueled by the UNI token).
  • Word of mouth will be valuable. Share your experience, point out the things you like about using Uniswap, because chances are, others would like these same things.

2.05B in liquidity, $500M+ daily volume, 9,600 pairs, fees distributed to liquidity providers, these are pretty hard to ignore for a lot of people :wink: :sunglasses:

Top of that, I’m sure the community will come up with great proposals to distribute UNI to more community members. Which would (hopefully) also attract a lot of new users.

Just my personal thoughts!


Great idea.This proposal may be a future direction of the use of UNI tokens.It need patience to wait for uniswap’s business model to mature.But the most important thing is that a large number of users must be ensured. :jack_o_lantern:
Let’s see what will happen. :full_moon:


Give me a shout if anyone is up for something like this. Lets see

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Thank you for answering my question.I am sure many of you have leared from your answer.Hoping the project side can adapt some useful suggestions from this messages. :stuck_out_tongue:


No problem. :monkey:

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Now we’re talking!! We don’t want to be the Netscape of Defi, I think a Uniswap community Youtube channel could scoop a good amount of new users. Start a social media division that can be responsible for pushing information to new and old users. Still obviously using the forum, can’t hurt. This will take major commitment, but im sure there are a few in the community that are already providing video content in some form.


I think this is inevitable! There will be more and more people, so soon there will be millions here

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I agree, the fact that the possibility of increased passive income over the long term is achievable should bring millions!!!

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good question.
two words came to my mind:

1.- legitimate (showing that Uniswap is safe and reliable for all users; that is formal)
2.- innovative (showing that new developments are coming; put Uniswap in the forefront )

If we can maintain those I think we should stay above competitors.


maybe do some airdrops,like inviting reward airdrop but in order to prevent the farming tricks to get UNI they only should allow one account per one device in that case the farming tricks will be prevented and many people will join in UNISWAP .

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Make a real airdrop. As a person that miss 400 UNI and see a lot of people claiming multiple 400 UNI’s in different addresses and got millions of dollars, I would never give real money to buy UNI at this point. I believe everybody that don’t get this airdrop think same as me.
Make a real distribution and let everybody be part of this. Otherwise we never buy that even though we have interest about this project.


with that logic, if you “make a real distribution” you’ll just push people to think "I would never give real money to buy UNI since a lot o people are claiming them for free.

I think the smart thing is to discuss projects that fuel the innovation and use cases inside uniswap. I dont think mindless distribution to everyone is the way to go.


I think is good brotha

Support V3 getting perfected and launched ASAP. If it’s as good as I’m hearing, I think it will put us well ahead of the pack.


it’s the way you think if you already get that airdrop. People that miss it feel the exact opposite. There is no reason for us to buy UNI after all these people got it for free.

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You still get them free, start mining now 57 days free uni for everyone!!!

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