Total UNI tokens circulating?


I am doing some basic Math and things do not seem to add up for me.

At Genesis 15% of the total UNI (1 billion) was unleashed to users and so that is = 150 million

Established mining by the developing team Sep 18 to Nov 17 only unleashes another = 20 million total
(5 million per each of the LP, and there is total 4 LP)

The remaining 430 million of the 60% of the community is in the treasury and that should be untouched so far.

As of the date of this post there is 211,630,055 UNI in circulation according to CoinGecko.

However, if my logic is right (150M + 20M) is not equal to ~211M, so what am I missing, or how can I check or verify the true circulating supply?

The Introducing UNI says the team and investors are vested for 4years. So what does that entail? Is a percentage of their share of UNIs already unlocked?

To some extent is fair, however, it would be beneficial at least for me as an investor to have some clarity on this.

If this is not the right place to discuss, please advise where before locking it.


Vesting gradually releases rather than in yearly blocks? As per the “UNI 4 Year Release Schedule” graph on the “Introducing UNI” page?

Hi Dcota,

This is the governance forum. For questions like this, please use the Discord Channel.

As well as, there’s information in the blog post ( and on etherscan.

I’m pretty sure the most accurate answer on current circ. supply would be given on Discord.