[Temperature Check] Uni.Vote

Hey Uniswap Community,

I and Anish created Comp.Vote for the Compound community a few months back. There has been a resounding response by the Compound community and we have already relayed 98 signature based votes and delegations.

Recently, we have been considering bringing Comp.Vote to the Uniswap community as Uni.Vote. I just wanted to gauge interest from the community and get any feedback prior to building out the website.


Am I reading it correctly that delegations in comp.vote are also signature-based? Is that what would differentiate it from Snapshot?

Comp.Vote is not similar to Snapshot. Comp.Vote supplements on chain governance by allowing users to participate without spending gas. Comp.Vote doesn’t change any core mechanism of the process, it just allows users to vote and delegate without footing the expensive gas fees. The user signatures are relayed to the Uniswap governance contract and UNI token by a relayer who spends the gas on behalf of the user.


Thanks for the explanation. I think uni.vote would be dope!

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