Delegate your UNI Votes to Dharma

Over the past several weeks, Dharma has worked with several other DeFi projects to build a proposal for the retroactive distribution of UNI to certain Uniswap users who were excluded in the original airdrop.

We are ready to submit this proposal to the Uniswap governance system, except that at the moment, only ~25m UNI votes have been delegated, which does not meet the minimum passing threshold of 40m UNI votes.

So we’re calling on you, the active Uniswap governance community, to delegate your votes to Dharma!

As we have in the Compound community since the launch of the COMP token earlier this year, we will spearhead important technical updates, advocate for changes to protocol economics, and act as stewards for Uniswap.

Uniswap’s governance system is very similar to Compound’s, and we believe our experience in this system prepares us well to be good governors in Uniswap as well. In fact, we submitted and passed the first ever community proposal to Compound, and have since made five proposals to the Compound Governance module. We are on track to be just as active in Uniswap.

In our capacity as a Uniswap voter, we will:

  • Act to bring Uniswap and DeFi to the mainstream, providing a seamless and decentralized experience
  • Rigorously evaluate proposals around technical, security, and economic considerations
  • Transparently document our thought process and final conclusions for all votes we make

To delegate to Dharma, visit and delegate your votes to:


Let’s build Uniswap and DeFi together.


Where’s the best place to track how many votes Dharma has been delegated at any given time? Will delegators support this proposal?

This is a good place to track vote delegations: is currently focused on lowering the threshold for submitting Uniswap governance proposals, and the quorum required for proposals to pass. Once they’ve completed that work, they’ll consider whether to support our proposal.


Why are you flagging posts that are criticising the proposal? This is the “delegation pitch” subforum, where others are welcome to provide their feedback.

The fact that you flagged my above post as “off-topic” makes me even more disgusted that we have someone who desires to mute one side and blast propaganda on the other side.

I feel like we should be able to express our opinion freely, and not be censored. Considering that I personally own more than a 100k USD worth of UNI tokens, I want my voice to be heard.


I’m sorry that your post was flagged, I don’t find your comments to be flag-worthy and would ask the community to embrace reasonable dissenting opinions.

Nevertheless, I disagree wholeheartedly with your above assessment. You say that “I agree that it would be nice if some developers got rewarded for building products on Uniswap.” — not rewarding UNI tokens to Dharma users would do the exact opposite, it would be a retroactive punishment for building products on Uniswap.

You say that “I believe that EVERYONE who used Uniswap prior to Sept 1 got a token airdrop” — this is true only by a narrow definition of “used”. By a slightly more inclusive definition, all Dharma users also used Uniswap. The difference between Dharma’s users and other users is an esoteric technical definition, that no user could reasonably be expected to have understood.

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I very much agree those who have used Uni through 3rd party wallets, maybe had no idea of Uniswap and shouldn’t be eligible for the existing customer airdrop.


I say yes to phase 1
I say no to phase 2

Why yes phase 1?
Those accounts where ‘real’ users that are using ethereum, uniswap in full glory. Only they didn’t know they used uniswap. Uniswap benefits very much from those ‘real’ early users on Argent, Dharma, and MEW. They should be included.

Why no phase 2?
These are aggerators and are not respectfully choose uniswap, but only searching for the best and cheapest trade for the users. The vision here is totally different from phase 1.


When Dharma submitted the first proposal, many people got frustrated because they couldn’t vote or undelegate their votes.

There is a temperature check now on a possible solution to prevent this type of situation from reoccurring.

The main argument against it at the moment is that launching a new Governor contract is dangerous.

Given that Dharma has already almost launched a new Governor contract, could you please provide your expertise on the matter?

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