Voting rights while providing liquidity with UNI

Hello, i’m not sure I get it right since im fairly new in the Uniswap ecosystem but from what I can see, if you provide liquidity using UNI (Eth/UNI pairing etc) looks like you cant use your UNI token for governance ? Would be nice if providing liquidity with UNI would give some sort of token that has voting rights ? exemple you pool your UNIs, gets vUNI for that time being that exclusively can be used as a governance token ? Would that make sens?


Excellent proposal. If UNI liquidity providers voting power was unlocked it would be ideal for a more well rounded governance system.

I dont think its possible because as a LP the amount of UNI you hold is constantly fluctuating.

It could be possible to make an exception in the voting process for UNI seeded pools to accept flash loan votes (valid only if pool tokens available in your address, not sure how it would extend out to pool tokens seeded in the liquidity mining address)? Not sure of the technical feasibility of any of this but might be something possible with flash loans.

I like this idea. Same could apply with deposited UNI (aUNI, cUNI).

Ideally, a constant scan of UNI balances could determine the voting power of an user.
To avoid “buy, vote, sell” attacks, one could imagine that the UNI that are taken in account for a given vote are the UNI an user owned at a given time, x day/hour/block before the vote was proposed.

I think Curve is using such a system. Maybe it could be improved, taking pooled/deposited UNI into account.

I don’t think governance should be financially incentivized, but maybe it should not be “uncentivized” either.