Temperature Check: Deploy Uniswap v3 on Scroll


This proposal is created to further support the mission of a Multichain Uniswap. We propose to the Uniswap community to authorize the deployment of Uniswap V3 on Scroll testnet.

  • Scroll is an EVM equivalent zk-Rollup, a native zkEVM scaling solution for Ethereum. Similarly to Uniswap, Scroll started out working closely with the Ethereum Foundation - built with the community, for the community!
  • Deploying to Scroll bears many benefits, such as significant savings for users, user base growth, capturing the zkEVM market in advance, and fostering L2 native innovation.
  • We are aligned with Ethereum in our community ethos and vision. We are committed to Ethereum’s decentralized, censorship-resistant and efficient future.

Generally, we believe that Uniswap’s community and the ecosystem Scroll is striving for are closely aligned: both projects are building towards trustless and decentralized (financial) infrastructure that is accessible to anyone regardless of merit and location. In the following we detail Scroll’s architecture and mission. We look forward to receiving feedback and are happy to answer the community’s questions.

About Scroll

Scroll is a native zkEVM Layer 2 solution for Ethereum. We are committed to building an EVM equivalent ZK-rollup to help Ethereum become more scalable without sacrificing security.

We have been building in the open from day one, and collaborating on the zkEVM with the PSE (Privacy and Scaling Explorations) group at the Ethereum Foundation. Scroll is aiming at building the best possible solution to scale Ethereum Layer 1.

Scroll is compatible with Ethereum at the bytecode level, which is a major breakthrough in Layer 2 technology and brings huge benefits to the entire Ethereum community:

  • EVM equivalent: Scroll reuses Geth, enabling seamless migration of infrastructure. Any application can be migrated to Scroll without code changes and additional audits.
  • Developer friendly: Scroll will support all existing development tools, including debuggers. Developers can work with a familiar development environment. No bytecode re-audits will be required minimizing the risk surface tremendously.
  • Security: Scroll inherits all the features and security of EVM which is by far the most battle-tested smart contract infrastructure in the entire space.
  • Decentralization: Scroll is pioneering a decentralized prover network and is the only L2 that has committed to outsource proving before launching on mainnet. By decentralizing proof generation to the community, Scroll will also have efficient proof generation and a more robust ecosystem.
  • Advance Ethereum’s ultimate goal: zkEVM will not only be limited to Layer 2, it will also be used to scale Layer 1. Construction and testing of Scroll will further advance Ethereum’s ultimate goal of “zkSNARK Everything”. Contribute to building a decentralized and efficient future for Ethereum!

ZK-Rollups are widely considered to be the Holy Grail of Ethereum scaling - a best-in-class Layer 2 scaling solution that is very cheap and secure. Scroll’s vision is to build a fully EVM-compatible zk-Rollup that any existing Ethereum application can easily migrate to, thereby helping Ethereum scale without affecting the developer experience. We are live on testnet and will be launching on mainnet once our rapidly growing community of users, developers and auditors battle test the network.


By launching on testnet, Uniswap has the opportunity to be part of this battle testing process and get a head start in the zk-Rollup ecosystem. In addition, many protocols (dapps) who are looking to launch on Scroll have asked for integration with an AMM. This is an opportunity for Uniswap to be a strong consideration for these applications.

Uniswap’s multi-chain mission can be facilitated and accelerated by deploying on Scroll in the most seamless way currently possible on Ethereum. Uniswap is a uniquely important DEX in the Ethereum ecosystem and pioneers how the ecosystem and user behavior evolves and can continue to do so by benefiting from the explosion of potential use cases that an L2 affords.

Uniswap on Scroll will:

  • Be able to offer high throughput, tps and low gas fees to cater to financial applications which are latency-sensitive such as Uniswap.
  • Consolidate the project’s position as an early mover and capture a rapidly growing market in advance as the Ethereum ecosystem gradually shifts to a zkEVM focus.
  • Integrate closely with Scroll’s rapidly growing ecosystem. Dozens of projects have committed to begin deployment within weeks of our initial testnet launch. Projects include Lens, theGraph, Covalent, Empiric, Blockwallet, Ledger, Safe, Orbiter and many more. Based on the excitement around Scroll and zkRollups broadly, we expect over a hundred projects to deploy on our permissionless testnet.
  • Propel L2 DEX innovation. We are only at the brink of uncovering L2 native use cases that have not been feasible on Ethereum Layer 1 as of now. Scroll is incentivizing developers globally to break frontiers by funding research grants, hosting educational workshops and continuously making cutting edge research publicly available.
  • Help foster an ecosystem fueled by creativity. Applications (Games, DeFi and more) that have not been seen till now will be deploying on Scroll and having Uniswap on Scroll is mutually beneficial as novel use-cases will use swaps and liquidity pools. Everything from in-game economies to zk-dapps with swap features will have the opportunity to integrate with Uniswap, leading to a new era for application-layer innovation.

Bridge Security

ZK-Rollup is currently the most secure Layer 2 scaling solution. On the premise of inheriting the security of Ethereum, it relies exclusively on cryptography, rather than unreliable crypto-economics.

Currently, Scroll has a trustless Layer 1 <> Layer 2 bridge, which supports arbitrary message delivery. The bridge is part of the rollup mechanism, verified by the smart contract and the zkEVM, which is much more secure than classical relayer-based bridges.

Security is the first priority for us. Scroll implements the EVM which is well-specified and battle-tested. Additionally, we have an in-house security team working with 10+ external auditors who keep a close eye on the security of our codebase.

Last but not least, Scroll is built on a completely open source basis. This includes the ZK circuits, the proving system, and the verifier smart contract. Its code security is closely monitored by community developers from projects such as Zcash, 0xPARC, Ethereum Foundation and Filecoin. We firmly believe that using such community standards is the most solid way to maintain the security of the codebase and the security of the entire system.


After passing the Temperature Check we will move forward with deploying Uniswap V3 on our Scroll testnet. The current testnet already supports the deployment of contracts. Since we are fully compatible with EVM, it is very easy to deploy on Scroll. We expect the full deployment will take 2-3 weeks.

It is important to us to be closely in touch with the Uniswap community from the start and want to ensure that everything runs smoothly before starting the full governance process for the mainnet deployment.

Voting link: Snapshot


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Yes working on manually deleting some of the more obvious spam and seeing if there is a more automated solution


Seems like some of the Scroll Twitter and Discord community might have taken our announcement of a temperate check as a “call to action.”

The intention was to engage with Uniswap community thoughts and concerns, so maybe Scroll can link to comments and criticisms that add to the discussion in the main post. We’ll reconsider how we discuss working through governance processes in the future.


This is huge for both Scroll and Uniswap, thus should have everyone’s vote. Well done to Scroll team, this is a great proposal.

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Love the proposal, I’ll support the new development as much as I do the test net interaction

The proposal is important, forward-looking and strongly supported.

makes scroll and uniswap greater, so just do it! let’s go.


Cool suggestion, this should happen!

minimalistic and smooth, but sometimes website lags, i think it’s because of high traffic so make sure on mainnet this project can be improved better

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Testnet was seamless, encountered zero bugs or error messages

Great proposal, hope to get on the test sooner, I will continue to support and doo

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Scroll is a powerful EVM network.
i still like it


Very interesting. I will continue to follow you


This is huge for both Scroll and Uniswap, thus should have everyone’s vote. Well done to Scroll team, this is a great proposal.


I’m in favor! This is a good first step towards decentralization


I’ve been doing it since the scroll beta site went live, and it feels smooth, so I support scroll’s new features again.


I am very happy to see the new features of scroll, I will always support and work hard to do the test network, cheer together!

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Great project!
I’m looking forward to a more seamless, highly efficient ecosystem and a more convenient world with Scroll.

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Support the implementation of the plan, and hope the team will get better and better

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