[RFC] Deploy Uniswap V3 on Scroll

Point of Contact: [ Lea Schmitt, E-mail: lea@scroll.io]

Proposal Summary

Following Uniswap’s successful deployment on the Scroll testnet, we propose that the Uniswap DAO recognizes Scroll’s upcoming mainnet deployment of Uniswap V3 as the official deployment.

Overview of our Proposal

We propose that the Uniswap DAO recognizes Scroll’s upcoming mainnet deployment of Uniswap V3 as the official - canonical deployment. Uniswap V3 has already been deployed to Scroll’s testnet, and the Uniswap router has processed over 1.8M transactions there.

  • Scroll is a bytecode equivalent zk-rollup, a native zkEVM scaling solution for Ethereum.
  • Scroll is an open-source project developed in collaboration with the Ethereum Foundation Privacy and Scaling Explorations organization. It was built with the community, for the community.
  • Our community ethos and vision are aligned with Ethereum. We are committed to a secure, decentralized, censorship-resistant, and efficient future that Ethereum offers through our plans to decentralize Scroll sequencers and provers.

We propose that Uniswap will showcase this by integrating Scroll into its user interface.


We believe that Uniswap being deployed on multiple Ethereum L2s is integral for encouraging competition and diversity of technical solutions to scale Ethereum. We believe that Uniswap’s community and the ecosystem that Scroll strives for are closely aligned. Both projects are building trustless, decentralized, and secure financial infrastructure that is accessible to anyone, regardless of merit or location. Deploying to Scroll offers many benefits, including significant user savings, an expanded user base, capturing the zkEVM market, and fostering L2 native innovation.

  • This deployment positions Uniswap as an early mover and captures a rapidly growing market as the Ethereum ecosystem gradually shifts to zkEVMs.
  • Uniswap on Scroll will integrate closely with Scroll’s rapidly growing ecosystem. Dozens of projects have committed to deploying on our mainnet, and many are deployed on our testnet: AAVE, Lens, the Graph, Covalent, Safe, and Etherscan to name a few. Given the excitement around Scroll and current usage of our testnet, we expect hundreds of projects to deploy on our mainnet post-launch.
  • Importantly, Uniswap on Scroll will propel L2 DEX innovation. We are on the brink of uncovering L2 native use cases that have not been feasible on Ethereum L1. Scroll will bring new developers and ecosystem integrations to Uniswap.

Partner Details


This proposal and the deployment of Uniswap contracts will be performed by the Scroll Foundation, a foundation registered in the Republic of Seychelles.

Delegate Sponsor

In addition, Scroll is working with the Michigan Blockchain, which will act as the delegate sponsor for this proposal.

  • Proposers: Scroll Foundation
  • Proposal Sponsor: Michigan Blockchain
  • Deployer: Scroll Foundation
  • Bridge Provider: Scroll Native Bridge

Conflict of Interest Declaration

There are no existing financial or contractual relationships between Scroll and any of Uniswap’s legal entities, including Uniswap Labs, UNI tokens, nor investments of Uniswap Labs Ventures.

Additional information for cross-chain deployments

Our focus has always been on providing the best possible experience for developers, and we have successfully delivered on this promise on our testnet, which we will continue to do on mainnet. We are proud to say that we are bytecode-equivalent, meaning that migrating dapps from any EVM chain is easy and hassle-free.

  • EVM-equivalent: Scroll uses a forked version of Geth, enabling seamless infrastructure migration. Any application can be migrated to Scroll without code changes and additional audits.
  • Developer friendly: Scroll will support all existing development tools, including debuggers. Developers can work with a familiar development environment. No bytecode re-audits will be required minimizing the risk surface tremendously.
  • Security: Scroll inherits most of EVM’s features and security, which is by far the most battle-tested smart contract infrastructure in the entire space.
  • Decentralization: Scroll is leading the way in developing a decentralized prover network and has already committed to outsourcing proving. By decentralizing proof generation to the community, Scroll can achieve efficient proof generation and establish a more robust ecosystem.

We have always been committed to building in the open, starting from our collaboration with EF’s PSE team, and we remain closely connected to the Ethereum community—in fact, our team has contributed ~50% of the upstream PSE zkEVM codebase over the past two years. Furthermore, we have been open source from day 1, have a strong in-house security team paired with rigorous audits, and are aiming to have third-party provers upon our mainnet genesis block and a gradual decentralization of our sequencer network.

The Scroll community has been testing the Uniswap V3 deployment on Scroll’s testnet for four months, often exceeding 200,000 transactions per day - more than many other L2s. In fact, our testnet community has successfully processed 1.8M transactions through the Uniswap V3 router already. Once we launch on our mainnet in August this year, we expect Uniswap to be joined by other time-tested DeFi protocols.

Success Criteria

Deployment of Uniswap on Scroll will:

  • Increase Uniswap TVL, targeting $100M within two months of deployment
  • Grow Uniswap order volume
  • Enable listing of new assets on Uniswap that are unique to Scroll

Moreover, Scroll will bring its dedicated and expanding developer community to Uniswap, thereby boosting the growth of Uniswap’s developer community.

The best way to measure success for Uniswap on Scroll is to focus on TVL and transaction volumes. We think that Scroll can deliver an additional $100M of TVL to Uniswap within two months of launch.

Protocol Security

ZK-Rollup is currently the most secure Layer 2 scaling solution. On the premise of inheriting the security of Ethereum, it relies exclusively on cryptography rather than unreliable crypto-economics.

Scroll has a trustless Layer 1 <> Layer 2 canonical bridge, which supports arbitrary message delivery. The bridge is part of the roll-up mechanism, verified by the smart contract and the zkEVM, which is much more secure than relayer-based bridges.

Security is the first priority for us. Scroll implements the EVM, which is well-specified and battle-tested. Additionally, we are working with two external auditing companies to audit our bridge code, and we have an in-house security team that continuously reviews our codebase.

We plan to launch with a timelock delay and a security council to control privileged functions and contract upgrades. Finally, shortly after launch, we will introduce distributed sequencer operators.


After reviewing the comments in the RFC, we will submit a Temperature Check proposal. Then we will move forward with deploying Uniswap V3 on our Scroll mainnet, following which we will submit the Governance Proposal with the addition of the deployed contract addresses. Since we are fully compatible with EVM, it is effortless to deploy on Scroll. We expect the full deployment will take few hours.

The approval of this proposal by Uniswap governance will lead the following Uniswap v3 contracts [to be filled in after deployment] to be deemed as the canonical Uniswap deployment on Scroll. This deployment will be subject to Ethereum Layer 1 Uniswap Protocol governance. The text record of the uniswap.eth ENS subdomain titled v3-deployments.uniswap.eth will be amended to reference the Uniswap v3 Factory contract on Scroll following the process outlined here: Post-BSL Cross-chain Deployment Process & New Uniswap.eth Subdomain


  • July 2023 - Request for Comment (RFC)
  • August 2023 - Temperature Check
  • September 2023 - UniV3 Contract Deployment
  • September 2023 - Bridge Deployment
  • September 2023 - Governance Proposal

Request For Comments

We are looking forward to receiving feedback from the community. Please limit your comments to constructive suggestions that can contribute value to the proposal. Low-value comments have the potential to harm the proposal, so it’s important to focus on constructive feedback only.


We at Michigan Blockchain are very excited to see this proposal through and act as the delegate sponsor. Our team has been in contact with the Scroll team since last year, and it is great to see the progress that they’ve made. Uniswap has aided in battle testing Scroll via its deployment onto the rollup’s testnet earlier this year. It will be great to see this relationship continue as Scroll mainnet launches in the coming months. If this deployment proposal passes, Uni v3 can be one of the preliminary DEXs on the zkEVM, allowing Uniswap to attain market share on a highly promising rollup.

The Uni DAO has previously voted to deploy v3 onto Scroll’s closest peers, zkSync and Polygon zkEVM–adding scroll to that roster is a no brainer. The anticipation from users and devs, which can be glimpsed from the number of txns on Scroll testnet, gives us confidence that this deployment will be a net benefit to both Uniswap as well as the broader Ethereum ecosystem.


The temperature check for deploying Uniswap v3 onto Scroll mainnet is now live on Snapshot and ends on Aug 19 @ 1:42pm ET. If the Uniswap DAO signals in favor of this deployment, the on-chain vote will be posted in September once Scroll mainnet is operational.

In the event of any questions regarding the deployment, please refer to Lea Schmitt (lea@scroll.io)–or leave your inquiry here on this post.


The below response reflects the views of L2Beat’s governance team, composed of @kaereste and @Sinkas, and it’s based on the combined research, fact-checking and ideation of the two.

As L2Beat, we’ll be voting in favor of the proposal.

As mentioned in the proposal to deploy Uniswap V3 on Base, we’re very supportive of Ethereum L2s and we believe that it’s important to officially deploy one instance of Uniswap per L2. The DAO has supported similar deployments in the past and we do not see anything concerning in this proposal.


The Uniswap Deployment Accountability Committee dug into the Scroll roadmap and talked to the team. Scroll is an EVM-equivalent zk rollup. We expect the EVM-equivalent zk rollup will be a great addition to the Uniswap ecosystem. We look forward to evalating their deployment & closer to when mainnet goes live.

Personally, I’ve seen first hand how Scroll has gone a great job at working with university groups and supporting educational and research efforts. Over the last almost year, I’ve hopped on a few calls with the team on behalf of the committee as well as a University DAO member. Will be very interesting to see the chain develop as they launch Mainnet.


As ITU Blockchain Delegation Team, we have cast our “yes” vote for the official deployment of Uniswap V3 onto the Scroll mainnet, and for the Uniswap DAO to accept this distribution.

This proposal is primarily supported for three main reasons. Firstly, the Scroll project has been developed by a team specializing in Ethereum scaling solutions and is recognized as a pioneer in zk-rollup technology. The successful distribution of Uniswap V3 on Scroll’s testnet, demonstrating technical compatibility, serves as an indicator that the project can effectively collaborate within the Ethereum ecosystem. Secondly, the Scroll project is an open-source initiative developed in collaboration with the Ethereum Foundation’s Privacy and Scaling Explorations organization. This collaboration underscores Scroll’s robust technical foundation and community support, thereby contributing to the rationale behind this proposal. Lastly, Scroll’s potential to integrate Uniswap into its ecosystem enhances diversity and competition among Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solutions. Simultaneously, Scroll’s capacity to attract its developer community to Uniswap fosters growth for both projects. Thus, these reasons justify the endorsement of the proposal made by the Scroll team to officially recognize the forthcoming mainnet deployment of Uniswap V3.

The approval of this proposal holds significant importance, representing a step towards demonstrating Scroll’s scalability and security. The aligned goals of Uniswap V3 and Scroll, in building community-driven, decentralized, and secure financial infrastructure, facilitate mutual support between these projects.

Hey everyone, excited to share the Scroll mainnet Uniswap V3 contracts below:

Main Contracts

Additional Contracts


The onchain vote to Deploy Uniswap V3 on Scroll has been posted and will be live in two days. This follows a successful temp check in August with a near unanimous YES decision. Versions of Uniswap v3 have been live on Scroll’s Alpha and Sepolia testnets, both of which saw healthy traction. The voting schedule is as follows:

Voting goes live on Wednesday November 1 @ 7:52am ET

Voting ends on Monday November 6 @ 9:16pm ET


Exciting! There are a few contracts where proxies are verified but implementations are not. Could these be verified?

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All contracts have been verified!


The below response reflects the views of L2BEAT’s governance team, composed of @kaereste and @Sinkas, and it’s based on the combined research, fact-checking and ideation of the two.

We’re supportive of deploying at least one canonical version of Uniswap V3 per L2 and as such we’ll be voting in favour of the proposal as we have also done with similar such votes in the past.

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