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As you know, Coinbase has become the first exchange to go public. The process has been slow but obviously benefits the entire ecosystem. I think that one of its successes has been to convince the authorities that this system can be reliable, transparent and open to all types of investors. I say this, because many questioned that the people who handle ourselves in this system do it to avoid paying taxes, etc.
The issue of legal certainty, fiscal transparency, from my point of view, in the long term, is a crucial issue that will make a difference.
In my opinion, this is a theme that should be implemented in our project. From the user’s point of view, it is about being able to get reports with the movements that we have made in a given period of time. From here, each region, country, has tax obligations, etc., but it is logical that the user can extract their movement history.

What do you think?


I agree history should be track for the taxes and some sort of data should be logged by the protocol

All of Uniswap’s transactions are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. One can already view their transactions by checking their Ethereum wallet/address history. I don’t particularly see the need to create another tool to facilitate this as many others already exist for example:


Hello, The truth is that I did not know about this possibility. I will study it.

In any case, I don’t think it is very difficult to extract the data in the commented way. We want to make our platform friendlier, more reliable and with resources that others overlook. From my point of view, it is a very useful option that only some echange have.

I still think it is VERY USEFUL


I don’t know if you fully understand how public blockchains work.

There is nothing to export from Uniswap, it has no secret database somewhere on a corporate server. Its database is Ethereum blockchain, where every address’s full transaction data is public and available to anyone.

Of course, a web page could be created to show user’s Uniswap transactions. But it’s not what one needs for tax reporting. One needs all transactions for reporting period, be it Uniswap or any other Ethereum application.


Thank you Tiuni,

I understand what you are saying and possibly my mistake is not knowing how to extract the data from my transactions. Therefore, any help would be appreciated.

Even with all this, I still think that there are many users, like me, who do not know how to extract this information. In the end, it is about extracting the data of your transactions from a Database.

Let’s make our project simpler and easier to use by all kinds of users. I still think that, in the medium and long term, one of the factors that will benefit the growth of the different projects is their ease of use, process agility, multiplatform support, languages and, obviously, security.


I understand and thanks as well from myself. I know how to get and extract all of my info however, being someone who learned uniswap and took the time to go full time block chain and study. I see both sides one being the is no satay base for logging and another where creating some sort of oracles that leads to an additional page that can be filtered by wallet address may be the option to make it more viable for people to stick to the platform for their info regarding the platform.

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From a product manager point of view, this is great feedback. You cannot expect the (future?) normal user to be an expert in crypto/blockchain.

Coinbase has >60M users because they are maniac about making the product dead simple to use and remove as much friction as possible.

Transaction history needs to be addressed at some point. Partnering/integrating with other solutions might be the easiest path.

There are lots of services that scan etherscan or the blockchain for you to compute taxes. Not recommending the specific product, just throwing this out there, but a product like does this. There are many others.


Thanks cryptotraderhodl!

It looks good. From this website, I wonder, isn’t it a good idea to implement such a project on our platform?

This site has a very clear message “Track your cryptocurrency portfolio and taxes”. It includes a free part and several payment modules.

Even considering the payment formula, it seems to me a very good option to integrate a project of this type in our platform. We must realize that the largest exchanges are made on the ETH network and that we lead this sector together with Defi.

In my opinion, the security of being able to extract this data from our platform will improve the experience and trust of new users in our project.

I do not have enough votes to propose a vote to the community, but I encourage everyone to see it from the point of view of new users who join the sector and want to do so with all the guarantees.

I only wish and hope that this idea will be read by those who have the ability to propose a vote to the community and that we can vote for it.

Much encouragement to everyone and a big hug!

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