How can you use uniswap from coinbase and other cex's?

I have a question:

  1. Is there use for a uni token residing on a cex (like coinbase) ?
    Is there a mechanism to use these tokens to vote or stake or use them?
  2. If not, what needs to be done to achieve this?
    Like reaching out and collaborating with a cex to improve voting for a uniswap dex?
  3. Why ísn’t possible to trade uni against a btc, eur, gdp pair, instead of only uni/usd on coinbase pro?
    This has bothered me the most, why does coinbase forces you to use the simple expensive main swap. Instead of offering trading pairs at coinbase pro, like they do for most other coins.
    That’s why i am forced to transfer uni to a wallet and trade on uniswap :slight_smile: , send back to coinbase sell eth to eur…
    Please! if coinbase is a part of uniswap as investor fix these issues. sir Armstrong i hope you read this.

You need to withdraw the coins to a wallet which you control the private keys to.

Uni pairs will likely be added in the future as the ecosystem matures.

Yes i know :slight_smile: that’s is why i am asking.
I think i should explain myself better , there is a misunderstanding i am sorry. I am really focusing on central exchanges ; how can they help improve uniswap trading, vesting, staking, etc.

The situation:
New people will likely start on coinbase and binance without a wallet.
Some people with a wallet transfer from and to central exchanges to trade.

Can we include people that have their uni on a cex, like coinbase or binance?
By collaborating with coinbase or binance or others?
Coinbase offers staking for tezos and dai , usdc for example.

The pairs you are mentioning to be added are not coinbasepro pairs right but uniswap pairs?
I mentioned this because as european traders on coinbase pro you cant easily trade uni. It is only uni-usd pair. This is hard to trade when you cannot have dollars in your account.

I personally dont see any benefit from the team focusing on including a CEX to perform proposals/voting. If one really wants to vote they can move the tokens out of the CEX to a wallet and vote. More important IMO for the team is to focus on the idea of decentralisation and governnace of the Uniswap platform than focusing on allowing what will be probably a very small percentage of new people who have never used Uniswap (so why would they want to vote on it and probably have no interest in Uniswap as the purchased their Uni on a CEX) wanting to vote on a centralised platform, lets bring it away from centralisation towards decentralisation better for everyone right?

Thanks for replying;
You are right,decentralisation is good!
But one can not exclude the other.
DEX are for more seasoned users.
Cex are great as fiat onramps, to start the crypto yourney and buy the first UNI tokens.
For the moment both will have there share of the pie, we are still a tiny percentage of crypto users. The masses still need to find their way to crypto. They will come from a cex. Not a dex.
Lets facilitate future uni holders on a cex by reaching out to coinbase/binance et al. (This is not really a big effort, maybe a couple of e-mails would do)
I think tezos staking on coinbase would be my best example.

Thanks for your response but again I asked why would someone have an interest in governing a platform theyve never used and have not clue about? That’s my kind of standpoint to it yeah best to include everyone but also good to reduce spam and potential wrong proposals going through by having people who arent sure just voting for proposals for the sake of it etc

I feel people doing anything with a CEX’s like Coinbase and Binance would be doing so more around the speculative, trading and monetary value aspect than governance surely?

I look forward to your response :slight_smile:

Thank you; Some people like custodial wallets , some like decentralised wallets.
Both need to be able to vote or delegate.
It’s not only about giving a new user the chance to learn about uni, buy uni on a cex, find the way to this forum, ;learn about uni governance, use their uni to vote, or delegate.

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