Stop Censoring Proposals

Hello. I am proposing that moderators stop censoring proposals / ideas simply because they run counter to the interests of UniSwap legacy investors. I have tried to post a proposal “Reduce / Remove Team & Investor Allocations” – which is a legitimate topic worth discussing. The proposal was promptly censored by moderators. I am therefore proposing Freedom of Speech in this governance forum. Attaching Screenshots of the previously censored Post.

Hoping that admins do the right thing here and not Ban my Account.
Thank you everyone

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 1.51.02 PM


Your “proposal” is not possible, UNI governance can’t eliminate pre-existing token holders ownership rights.

Longer response in your initial thread: Reduce / Remove Team & Investor Allocations

  1. We’re not necessarily censoring proposals. We remove duplicate proposals, topics that are missplaced (don’t belong to the governance forum), or topics/comments that violate the terms.


  1. You do realize that this post was flagged by community members, not by team members. And, therefore it could be automatically taken down. This thread you’re referring to doesn’t seem deleted/locked to me at all.

That being said, there isn’t a whole lot of censoring and this proposal therefore seems unnecessary (to me). Again, personal opinion - I’m just a voluntary mod here.


This feels a bit like some McCarthy era governance. It certainly feels like censorship when a legitimate, not rude or otherwise toxic proposal is presented and rapidly taken down by some ‘black box’ moderation board.


Without putting too fine a point on it… who do you think is paying for the setup and recurring costs for this discourse forum? It seems like you feel entitled to disenfranchise investors and the core team, but you demand that they pay for your efforts to do this.

Personally, I appreciate moderation as it helps community members focus on viable proposals.


Those who have NEVER moderated chats will NEVER understand how much effort and time it takes for moderators! And given the fact that at the moment it is still not paid, I think they have the right to set the rules in this chat

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100% agree with @monet-supply the fact that someone like the OP could have the audacity to feels so entitled and post what they have posted is beyond me.

No one is above or beyond moderation and the moderation team have done a stellar job at moderating the forums so far taking into account 90% of the post on this forum are people begging for free tokens (again entitled people) which is not the purpose of this forum

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Hey @dharper, just looked into that post. It seems it was flagged by a community member, and while reviewing flagged posts in isolation, I approved it to be hidden. We’re all new to this forum, so some mutual tolerance is necessary - in light of this, I’ve taken the step to unhide your message. You’ll also notice that the thread was never locked/deleted.

However, while we welcome not just proposals, but constructive criticism as well, we do strictly enforce the rules outline in the FAQ and pinned banner post. Please take some time to read the (thoughtful) replies to your post, and try to make sure your tone is as considerate and constructive as possible going forward. We’re committed to moderating a forum that respects all viewpoints that are respectfully presented - we have no interest in censorship, only productive debate. Going to lock this specific thread now, please feel free to engage with the existing discussion in your original thread if you’d like to make any more contributions!