Reduce / Remove Team & Investor Allocations

Voting by community would be greatly improved if all $UNI was for the community. Currently it seems impossible for ordinary users to make any changes. Since Uniswap team has explicitly stated they wont be working on V2 anymore, why are they still governing it?

How could v3 be ‘under uni token gov’ that makes no sense, since UNI token holders have 0 say in v3 and dont even know what it is. Also why was my post censored?

UNI governance does not have control over the team or investor token allocations, so this is sort of a moot point.

Even if UNI governance was able to reduce or remove team/investor allocations, should we? In my opinion, definitely not. Uniswap team and investors were committing time and money to the project before it became successful, and deserve to benefit from this success they helped build. I feel like my views on this pretty much align with this tweet thread:


Understood. Just thinking that it’s looking very hard for the users of uniswap to actually make any gov changes here.