Rug Pulls on Uniswap

I entered in crypto space in start of 2020. i found it so interesting that i Leave my 9 to 5 job to learn and work on crypto. As uniswap was and also today is the biggest DEX i have few transactions on it before The Airdrop too from 2 of wallet addresses Having not much knowledge about Rug pulls and scams in crypto i loss all my UNI Airdrop and also my own hard earned money.
I just hope that Uniswap V3 can come up with the solution of rug pull events making decentralize finance more secure for the new comers when they enter in crypto space.

These are my wallet address which recieved UNI Airdrops and then lost all to the Scammers/ Rug Pulls. You can find Tokens i bought in these wallets on etherscan and Rug pulled by their teams
and creators addresses also of those Scam Tokens.


Hopefully With V3 Uniswap Airdrops to the addresses also who became victims of Rug Pulls on Uniswap.


Hi There :wave:
Your post is Excellent but the subject of your post is not great. Most people will think that you are asking for refund because of your loss and not even open it to read. Try changing it if its possible.


Hi thanks for pointing out.
Changed the subject from loss my UNI Airdrop
Rug Pulls on Uniswap


The same exact thing happened to me 0xf1d722c3d8075d6864aad4b5abbe934f7e8976a57e11733a9b30dc49ac5b0426

Also the same thing happened with the 1inch 0x41173b147075d2857cd961f183d1662443955f5984fbef24350429806faadba2

It’s made it really hard to want to continue using crypto, mainly because nobody from uni or 1inch have me even a bit of help, concern, or empathy towards what happened. I was a very early user with their services, but currently I have nothing good to say and plenty of people have heard of my experience and has chosen to use other platforms.

Can you explain rugpull ?

I ask because if you were scammed or something like that its unfortunateley rampid in reg finance and defi. The entirre point is never share anything with anyone you would not kill for.

Did you show phrase seeds ?

Uni is still killing it & each wallet used hit over 10gs no socks 35gs holding socks , then also gives ypu right to RANGOLI & MIRROR PROTOCOL AIRDROPS WORTH ANOTHER 2500 SO PLEASE EXPLAIN WHO PULLED YOUR RUG ?

Rug pull Example:

1: You created a Token Named " XYZ " with total supply of 1 Million and deployed it on Ethereum Blockchain.

2: You opened then created a liquidity pool for XYZ / ETH. with 1 million “XYZ” and 100 ETH. ( 1 ETH = 10,000 XYZ )

3: Then you do the professional marketing for your Token “XYZ” on diffrent platforms that anyone can buy “XYZ” from Uniswap.

4: People like me bought “XYZ” from Uniswap Exchange giving ETH or any other ERC-20 token like UNI in Liquidity pool of XYZ / ETH. ( Uniswap converts any Token into ETH Automatically).

5: 10 people bought 30 ETH worth of “XYZ” from Uniswap and no one from them adds XYZ token and ETH to XYZ/ETH pool on uniswap that you created. So it means that you have 130 ETH now and 700000 XYZ. ( XYZ Token isn’t listed anywhere else so its value is Zero ).

6: You Pulled the trigger and removes All of that 130 ETH and 700000 yours XYZ Tokens from Uniswap. Website Closed marketing Closed.


Mine was from Mooniswap 603 Tokens - For some reason my friend ( told me too check )
I remember there was 25 000 wallet addresses from this - Somehow I was lucky.

I used the funds in both farming and some for trading.
Something didnt make sense to me, and i too received an email making it seem as the project i was working with / for was a rug.

This is most likely because MOD’s on telegram are asked too give out Material too new people coming in,
Any Tom , Dick or Harry can make a nice looking employment contract.

I clicked 2 days later when I remembered the ( fake rug ) was for USDC - Not for the project i was working for or trying too help.

Pretty stupid too be honest, If the plan was too get me away from working for the project for a few days too cause doubt in my ability as a MOD and a crypto lover,

Simple, Blockchain doesn’t lie.
I hope you are all well.

Strength too you all.
This issue need to be addressed - As well as people sending art / nfts too each others wallet address without the stores consent,
I can make a nasty piece or art / material and send it too anyones eth wallet, which forces the receiver too waste time burning it / sending it elsewhere / or leaving it in the store.

All not good results,
I hope this makes sense.

I planned for this as well as I could :
The story lies with ADAM & EVE - This is the assumption I have, as for some reason when ever I make some crypto, I have to give it away.
Apparently this is a common thing in the crypto world and man, does it whip a brain back and forth.

Again power too you all, Dev work needs to be done and I’d love to help with ideas as always.