Remind UNI holders to self delegate

Seems to me any UNI holder that is active in governance should self delegate, as you could have ‘faithless electors’. Whats the advantage to giving your votes to someone else unless you have large amounts of trust and/or arent going to participate in voting, esp in the early stages of governance? Personally I had no idea I had to even self delegate to have my votes count, I thought they would be self delgated automatically.

At at any rate, to be truly decentralized, we need our votes to count. Spread the word for all UNI holders to self delegate.


The idea behind delegates is two-fold:

  1. Delegate to someone in hopes of them passing the proposal threshold so they can put proposal up for vote
  2. Knowledgable delegates that shares your view might have time to research the proposal better than you (Example from last proposal: delegate Hiturunk voted “no” whereas someone who only has 20sek research before voting might fall for Dharma’s Binance python stunt and vote “yes”)

But I get your sentiment here, delegating your votes could end up being downright dangerous. Best would be if everyone could research everything but that just isn’t realistic.

Autonomous proposals would fix nr.1
Generally risk could be greatly reduced by having simple proposals that only do one thing at a time…

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Very valid points I didnt think of