[Proposal] Excluded Proxy Contract Airdrop — Phase 1

of course i’m filled with illogicalities

you think language was semantically constructed to make sense? ha!

instead of picking apart ‘how i say things’ - focus instead on ‘what i meant’

there is humanity there

for example, perhaps i meant the following

  • where ‘unanimous’ IS the percentage of the voting UNI that is aware they have a vote and a governance responsibility to give a sh…

that wasn’t so hard - since we are adding value here, are there any other logical errors that i have made? why don’t we call in a 3rd party semiotics professor to opine on this discussion as well. i’m sure his/her objectivity will sting us both.

wake me up when UNI implements reverse-staking

until then, i’ll vote by seeding my random number generator from an electro-magnetic sensor i have mounted in my backyard

time to find out if the universe is truly random

It was a close vote, and it could have easily reached quorum. The abstaining/against votes won it this time, not much more to it. It was not a good proposal, and it couldn’t swing the votes.

Hopefully we get to move forward as a community to better proposals. Get that RNG out of your backyard @rabbidfly, useful proposals are soon to come.

Guys I really understand there are users wich deserve a UNI airdrop but what about users like me new to UNI which as well never receive UNI airdrop but still invest and support it?


A hilarious response you made me chuckle :slight_smile:

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i support… new users deserve UNI too… if UNI liquidity mining continue or another mechanism… if i understand UNI vision, all users need to participate in governance. But no another not consensual airdrop

The airdrop was perfectly consensual except for a few people.

Why did the vote say extra hours even though there was only 1??? I was at work and my investment group and I were going to meet later because we saw 8 hours left on clock.

Lost faith in this system. . . I thought this was fool proof (DEFI???) My colleges and I put a very large sum on here, and missed the vote. I feel like it was sabotage? I don’t want to say how many votes we control but we would of put the vote very close to pass at that point.

Check twitter dharma page its pinned there.


The vote close goes by block number, which was mined earlier than expected. The time on the voting proposal should be programmed to update based on current block though.

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I have to admit that it was too difficult to vote sooner :roll_eyes:
Why wait until the last moment?

Because it isn’t a secret ballot and voting too early if you control a large number of votes could “reveal your hand” to the opposition, who could then rally support to vote against your position. That’s why some larger UNI holders / delegates were relying on voting at almost the last minute.

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Well, it backfired on them now, didnt it. Better luck on the next proposal. This proposal was an utter disgrace anyway. A cash grab

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aru31 you should start a thread on this topic.

I believe the proposal should be put forward again. But other members of the community need to take the lead, as Dharma have already committed not to re-propose the vote.

This circumstance with the faulty timer display on such a marginal outcome, with so many votes not cast and now with confirmation that the premature termination definitely prevented votes from being cast, is reason enough for another vote.


phase 2 of proposal when start ?

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Being someone who received his fair share of uni. Someone who supported YES TO THIS VOTE. I have nothing to gain from it. But the value is there by giving these people the chance to receive what they deserve. To all of you who make your snobby comments who act like you own uni lol the whole 3% of you that exist in this community. Maybe you should go climb a tree. Clearly this project isn’t for you.

I think this is hilarious to see how greedy you people are the 3% of you. Who actually think this is going to be a negative impact on this project. REMEMBER THERE’S ONLY 3 % I can’t wait to see what the votes look like when the 3 stooges wanna put out a proposal. Hahaha. PASS PHASE ONE AND PHASE TWO. LAST BUT NOT LEAST GET THE THREE STOOGES OUT TOO!!!

  • targets: [ "0x1f9840a85d5aF5bf1D1762F925BDADdC4201F9841" ] (UNI)
  • values: [ 0 ]
  • signatures: [ "approve(0x9648380814AB1a967C0E70aCf3f85D6E65A4EBd2,uint256)" ]
  • calldatas: [0x0000000000000000000000006a9929D29b7488517D383358a847c95a5D1d6d76000000000000000000000000000000000000000000042b42f28d278eee000000] (address: 0x6a9929D29b7488517D383358a847c95a5D1d6d76 (phase one merkle dropper, amount: 5.04M UNI)

To be fair, that’s not the traditional definition for what a quorum is.

My guess is most of the people who would have voted against this have the 50 million in liquidity locked up in uni-Eth like me and were not able to vote because we are doing something useful like providing liquidity for the uni-Eth pair so don’t presume to know motives for the no vote not getting more support

@nadav_dharma please do this again for your users.

Now uniswap should also agree that they did a mistake by not airdropping first.

As we can see with all cloudflare issue.

More power to the Dev’s now. #DHARMA do it for USERS.

Better ask them to give you their reservations, they have enough.

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