Proposal: A two-way proposal system

Due to the problem on submiting proposals and the ridiculous amount of delegations that are needed for it, I suggest we can create a two-way proposal system, in an attempt to imitate the creation of the roman Senate during the forums.

At first, we can try to have an election.

For ex, we can start delegation or UNI to whoever we wish, at the amounts that we want. The more money you have in this, the more your vote counts, like regular politics. And the 5th of November at 00:00 a snapshot is taken, and the 13 users with the majority of unis delegated became the first senates of UNI. We can then think of forms of them to make proposals and having their separate vote system, all of them can only be senates only one time (that wallet at least), or making them having their own UNI staked for their governance period, maybe more, we can create and modify the rules using the smart contracts.

Then, we need another way of voting, for those who aren´t big enough to swim the ocean, so I think that we could use this platform and use this like what it truly is… A forum, we can have all the discutions in here and create or own voting system. The first things that we should determine is “which users should be allowed to vote?”, and then “which users should be allowed to make informal proposals?”. Before going deep on this, I must clarify that I believe that everybody should be allowed to make comments.

As an example, I would be ok with the requirement of being a Holder of 400 UNI for +3 months to vote, and to, in addition of that, have being an active member of the community to make a proposal.

*Clarification: All the given names and numbers arent thinked, this is more of an invitation to a brain strom.


just wanted to say… i liked this part hahaha

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Appreciate man im support

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The roman empire destroyed itself… maybe we should take the otherr approach??? i dont know but hey?

I mean, there is like 1000 years of history to analyze. And the concept of senate has transcended the romans, there are senates (or legislative powers) all around the globe, I don´t see why we shouldn’t try to create something using the tools that are already functioning.

A kind of legislative power based on smart contracts, with all the benefits that we have (public networks, blockchain based, a decentralized system, lot of ways of preventing fraud, etc)

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I really like the way you acknowledge our ancestry and history. I like roman history. Especially when Nero burned rome down, because of ill faithed dreams of grandure.
But this is defi and i really hope it is disregarding politics. (which atm is our crumbling our world into oblivion). But like 10mln uni to propose… its big i need to stack them up moar…

Corruption is whats ruining our world, not politics.

When there is money, all the people are interested. Personally I’m a lawyer, so I think a lot about laws, rules and the system as a whole structure, I understand why people want politics aways from this, but let me tell you something, if we don´t create a society with a solid foundation, there is no hope on becoming something enormous as people from outside will never invest in here.

Politics is one way of making a system, and better than that, the idea of an election will give lot of noise. Money, publicity, memes, we can even host economics-social debates.

If we don´t create a space for them to participate and be interested, banks and politicians will just regulate this into oblivion.

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Words of wisdom m8, i do hate politicians since they are mere marionets…but you are so right.

I think that this should be done without a code-changing (dangerous) proposal, and in a way that accommodates multiple representative schemes that users can delegate their votes to.

Some might want to delegate to a single person (“a monarchy”), others might prefer a DAO with different weighting mechanisms or using L2 solutions, a senate-like system like this, etc. all of which can be implemented as a smart contract.

The benefit of this system is that, unlike in real life, if voters no longer trust the system (senate, representative, DAO is corrupted/hacked/etc), it’s power can be removed.

Using smart contracts as a tool for governance is already done in Compound with Autonomous Proposals:

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I agree with that, what i´m suggesting here is the idea of a “Smart Constitution”. A constitution is a contract (a very important one, I agree, but a contract nethertheless), and we can uso all these resources to construct literally the “New politic order”. This tech can literally be applied to the nations (having their laws based on a blockchain system with smart contracts as a voting system), we can just build prototypes in small scale

Edit: I don´t know about compound, will be reading about that on the week, but seems very interesting, thanks.


Right now i’m leaning towards forming the first UNI GALACTIC EMPIRE…

first project? a UNI-DEATH STAR … for exploding not burning excess tokens. and maybe planets. :wink:

I’ve had this idea for quite some time now that I’ve been calling “Competitive Stake Voting”, and am currently working on a demo UI to show the community what’s I’m picturing. I created a separate topic discussing it in detail, I feel like I’m onto something so I would really appreciate any feedback.

I believe the procedure is more fair (and fun!) than any type of voting system I’ve ever heard of. It provides a 100% equal barrier to entry, constantly evolving ad-hoc user interaction, full vote transparency, and better quality proposals that will form more organically:

This all came into focus after I spent some time considering a unique use-case for the “Unipig” example page.