Consensus Check - Should the proposal threshold be lowered?

Hi everyone,

The temperature check for lowering the proposal submission threshold passed the Snapshot poll with overwhelming support (46M supporting votes). I’d like to move this into a consensus check phase.

I am advocating for the proposal submission threshold to be changed from 10M UNI to 2.5M UNI. Instead of a snapshot poll, I’d like to try moving this proposal from consensus check to formal submission using an autonomous proposal. I have created a proposal on to enact this change. If this proposal receives 10M delegate votes, it will become an official proposal that is voted on by the community. As opposed to a Snapshot vote, this proposal already contains all of the on-chain logic needed to make this change, so there is no ambiguity in terms of what you’re voting for.

Please check out the full proposal at this link: Reduce the UNI proposal submission threshold to 2.5M
Link to smart contract: Etherscan
Link to temperature check governance forum post: Temperature Check
Link to previous snapshot poll: Snapshot


This post has largely been overshadowed by the DeFi Defense discussion, but I just wanted to bump it, either for now or for later.

I believe lowering the proposal threshold is a non-controversial improvement to UNI governance that will make it more dynamic and accessible. I also want to highlight there there’s a Crowd Proposal already live for this change. If it receives 10M delegate votes, it will become an official proposal. It only has 14,000 votes right now, but I’m hopeful that there’s more widespread support than that.

If not, I’d love to hear why so that we can change the proposal, terminate it, or improve the tooling at Fish.


Hey man I’ll comment.

Normally lowering the threshold would be a good idea but you said yourself this has been over shadowed by the Defense discussion.

I have great fears that if that defense discussion passes the entire defi space will collapse based on the people who they want to implement to lobby; they are World Economic Forum.

I get what you are wanting to do but if anything to stop authoritarians assuming this doesnt pass it should be increased so that way if Centralized Organizations want to try this again the barrier to pushing stuff through is stronger.

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No, I believe lowering consensus amount is governance attack. Anything worth putting into action needs a relatively high approval rate. Look at AAVES governance votes, they are all 98% YEA and up.

At any rate i guess Im in the minority here on this. It passed overwhelmingly.


Uniswap is falling apart. Might change to pancake swap and the binance chain.