Proposal: Adopt Compound's Autonomous Proposals

10MM $UNI (~$60MM) are currently necessary to submit a formal proposal. Even Andre Cronje is having trouble getting enough $UNI delegated:

I propose that Uniswap adopt Compound’s Autonomous Proposals [1] to help alleviate this problem:



Great idea. I’m seeing a lot of proposals. Is there a due process for having these actually gain traction and become actionable processes? Is the first step to enable delegates the ability to create proposals?

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There’s nothing that needs to be done for people to start using these immediately. It doesn’t require a governance proposal.

Anyone who wants to submit one can just deploy this contract and swap out the token + governance address for UNI and UniswapGovernance


i submitted 1k votes to myself is this good? I thought i could submit proposals and vote…Damn poor andre cronje…

Does Uniswap’s main voting UI pick these up the way that Compound’s does? Or does the creator need to figure out UI & publicity?

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