[Poll] What's your role in the Uniswap Community?

Since we all want to build a strong community, I think it’s important to make it more clear how many roles play in our community, and how many votes do these roles have?

Here are some significant roles in my mind:

1. Speculator
Mostly focus on short term prices moving. Only vote for the proposal that can incentive the UNI prices raise.

2.Long term investor
Hold UNI for a long team personal investment.

Have faith on Uniswap that it will be the cornerstone of the whole DeFi world.

Hold more than 500K UNI and look for a delegate that can represent my interests.

I haven’t mentioned above.

Link to the snapshot: https://snapshot.page/#/uniswap/proposal/QmdEnXfqCzSHwKorKP7cu9cTDYEkApNxo5GvJt8MWZuMzS

We need your vote !

should I put “an absolute legend” in “Others” category?

I’d like to update the options in the next time.