Vote Yes to thoughtful choice


I believe that first proposals which needs to be submitted
Is “Declaration of Intent”.

We need to decide what this community wants to achieve:

  1. Maximize profit for liquidity providers
  2. Maximize profit for UNI holders
  3. Minimize costs for Uniswap users and maximize utility
  4. Minimize barier of entry for new tokens

I would argue that this four points to some extent contradict each other and we need to choose first where we, as a community want to go.

Are we focusing on 1000 users being able to cheaply exchange 100USD each or we want uniswap to serve whales exchanging 100000 USD in single transaction?

Personally I believe that some balance between 3) and 4) is what Uniswap ment to be, but I see that already there is plenty of voices focusing much more on 1) and 2)

Once we decide where we as community want to go we must choose metrics to measure our success in getting there

Is it amount of locked liquidity?
Proportion between Volume and Liquidity (measuring earnings of LP )?
Slippage experienced by avarage User ?
Number of Unique users using Uniswap daily?
Number of tokens listed with significant volume and low slippage?

Only if we have that we can start pushing buttons and pulling levers. Otherwise it will be wandering in a darkness.

If You share my view consider delegating Your votes to me

0x56947aC048452f75A64e2411CA140336cF939f7D (adamskrodzki.eth)

As for now there are only tokens I own delegated to this address, but I hope soon enough other people will join and we can together vote for a reason and deliberation.


Yes entirely I agree with thus