[POLL] Should UNI Holders Be Rewarded?

couldn’t say there will always be sell pressure as a lot of tokens were airdropped while there is still evidence to suggest most haven’t sold their airdropped tokens there’s always the risk the day will come that a lot of people could choose to sell in a single day.

Again this is all speculative and not really appropriate for this forum so I wont digress any further

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its difficult to see losses I can understand that hopefully whatever happens you end up happy and you’ll stick around and maybe choose to govern with your tokens if you see a recommendation you think would benefit the platform and community as a whole

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I am behind the idea of rewarding UNI holders with a percentage of tx fees.

I think we can make a bounty that will reward $UNI from the community treasury to anyone who can come up with a good bussiness model for the Uniswap Protocol that will incentivize UNI holder to participate in governance and protection of the protocol.

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I think the easiest way to start rewarding uni holders in the short term is with a mining pool.

Right now holders of UNI are being inflated away by farmers that farm non-UNI pools, then just dump on the market. This isn’t fair to holders of UNI and I don’t think is causing the intended affect in terms of token distribution. It would be much better if the people farming UNI actually cared about keeping the token.

With a mining reward for UNI/ETH, UNI holders could protect themselves from this inflation by participating in the UNI/ETH pool. Right now, UNI holders are bearing all of the protocols inflation with zero offset.

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Very much agree. I think we need to significantly reduce the liquidity reward on those pools and make a really high liquidity mining reward on the UNI/ETH pool. Ideally it would be better if we could vest the rewards so only long term holders would eventually receive the inflation. Whatever the reward is I think it needs to be at scale nearly 100% APY to correct for the inflation. The treasury should have no problem making money when the fee switch is turned on so I think the supply of UNI in the treasury should primarily be used to reward long term holders of UNI as oppose to other reasons.

I also voted yes, but I actually agree with active participation. UNI holders should be rewarded, but they also should be active in the network. This can be via voting, potentially promoting or lending or whatever the network needs.

However, I do believe the token should try and hold some value and provide incentives to holders beyond governance.

I also agree with Po that Uni holders should be rewarded with some of the value from the network opposed to diluting uni supply. Rewarding UNI to UNI holders is pointless, getting value from the network will increase participation in protocol governance and have people more emotionally invested in the success of the platform.

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where can i go to vote with my tokens ? I bought some

We should definitely reward people that hold the uni token.

BuTT !!!
They should be given a reason to hold, long term… We Should make it to were anyone that wants to be rewarded uni tokens for owning/holding uni tokens, should have to hold the tokens for a minimum of a certain amount of time(we choose), we should also add a token earning cap, so we set a number not to high or to to low, this would be the amount of uni tokens any said holder can earn rewards on. This could help prevent whales. If you hold uni for longer and longer, like 1 year, 2 so on, the percentage your unis are earning should increase. Maybe lastly if your active in governace and voting ideas you get alittle extra, just to say thanks. ( I shortened it for you all, sorry again.

I just saw your other thread dude, you need to chill.

When I read your comments, it feels like it boils down to: “make UNI go up, I bought UNI and it’s gone down - make it go up!”

However, I agree that UNI holders should be rewarded and perhaps this can be done by their participation in the protocol or like curve have a lock up feature which pays out those that lock up.

But I feel like your argument to reward those that bought it opposed to airdrop extremely counterintuitive and essentially impossible to track. A user could just switch to ETH for 1 min then switch back. It also goes against the decentralised nature of the UNI airdrop.

That’s definitely not what I was saying, airdrop or buy uni, you should earn rewards automatically if you hold the token for a certain amount of time(it could be a month or longer. I thought I explained it pretty well and and everything I was saying would make more people want to own uni, buy it what ever, and for long-term. But thanks I will chill dude.

A time lock of UNI to receive rewards is a good idea.

I would prefer the time lock to be a built in feature of the delegation process, if you self delegate or delegate to another for at least x period of time, then eligibility is gained to receive the reward.

Also to feedback on backlash to your comments. You previous comments are long, and have a lot of ideas. Shorter and more concise is better to making your point.


I do apologize, to everyone in the space. My comment was long, i was overly excited to share my ideas with you guys. The rewards I explained were pretty complex, but I really thought I had a solid that would help uni stand out from the rest.


It seems each lawful entity would have to chose between funding their tax burden by selling Uni or paying the taxes and increasing voting power, realized costs, and exposure with every distribution.

Tying maintenance of voting power to a tax liability seems like a fraught path.

Ich möchte und kann das nur mit ja beantworten!! :wink: