My post was hidden because it was flagged by community

My post

was hidden because community flags. Was this a moderator hiding my post or just because people flagged it?

I feel if someone identifies themselves and doesnt remain anonymous, they leave themselves open to public criticism through news articles. But thats ok, if the mods believe it violated a rule, no problem.

However if it was hidden purely from being flagged by users, this raises the question of raids and opinion manipulation on here. So that would be yet another reason to vet new users or at least have flagged posts manually reviewed, say weekly, by mods.

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Your post was more than likely flagged by multiple users. After reaching a threshold it was then hidden

FYI: Your post also didnt contribute anything to the greater use of the forum or discussion, would make sure to read the banner and the rules to prevent yourself from being flagged more in the future

Please don’t make new topics for things like this… How about just send a private message to one of the moderators?

Please see: It’s not moderators doing this, it’s community members flagging it. It hides a post, it doesn’t lock/delete it. And, usually this is temporarily.

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