Merchandise/ games

I would like to see some sort of game incorporated into the platform. Even something simple like spinning a wheel, or feeding/riding/capturing a unicorn. Something to help get people to stay longer and explore more. I would also like to see more merchandise! Uni has a lot going for it with the hot pink and unicorn. Would be a great way to get the word out to the general public. Many other tokens have t-shirts coffee mugs ect. It helps bring awareness to the platform and helps with conversations. Both of these would help draw more users in, helping them to stay longer, and explore more. Just my thoughts.


Unisocks v0 already exist. It’d be nice to have long sleeve shirts again…
Games, not so sure…

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I like a simple game idea. I think it’s fun kind of like what you play with the T Rex when your internet is down in Google Chrome.

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Incorporar un nft game en estos momentos, incentivado por un airdrop a los usuarios podría ser un reclamo muy fuerte en estos tiempos.