Official Uniswap Swag

I propose that once the treasury funds unlock, that we reach out to some artists in the community and use those funds to develop some official Uniswap Swag. Everyone knows you’re not real unless you have an official t-shirt :wink:

Sales of the swag should be done in $ETH or stablecoins unless you guys think we should do fiat sales too.

Proceeds from the sales would be diverted back into the community treasury, with the option that some of it could be redirected to community development proposals or public goods, like this


Great to see a really different and interesting idea.
How do you think the funds should be used? i would imagine pricing art can get really difficult.


Initially, funds could be used to basically put the logo onto some tshits, hats, mugs etc. So funds would be used to get some level of stock for these basic things.

If it took off, I’d imagine the community could contact artists in the community, similar to what $MEME is doing, and the funds could be used to pay the artist to design some more unique items.



This is a good idea, I think this idea increases by making the “swag”/T-shirts/Artwork etc. NFTs - tied to $UNI.

Uni already do with SOCKS? Only 500 ever made but people dont seem to be buying them I’d suspect because of price but with what you’re proposing I dont see how it wouldnt go down the same route as SOCKS.

Why should the team invest the money with the massive risk of no one ever buying them and the merch falling in the same pit as SOCKS?

Btw not trying to have an argument just evoking discussion

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Maybe we could do a public event! If the public see a uni symbol they can take a photo,upload on social media and redeem rewards? Limited time only and limited items :slight_smile:

No clue how feasible this is, but I’d totally rock the UNIcorn on a jacket.

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Are we Bronys now?

This isn’t the post for this, their discord is the place for support

aha ok :+1:t2:
so what can i do now with my problem?

Link to the Uniswap Discord

I actually 100% agree with you. Totally received and love the evocation. My response was a way to look at this proposal in an objective way and add value to it.

Overall, I feel that NFT DIGITAL ARTWORK would be good to accompany important product launches and milestones as collectibles. If you remember, (for instance) the music industry went through a hardship selling physical copies until it added value inside the artwork cover, additional value inside, etc. #JustAnIdea

But other than that, I don’t see a need for funding Swag. The UNI brand speaks for itself through the tech.

We already have unisocks, still 22 available :drooling_face:

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Really like the idea for Uniswap Swag. Really want a Uniswap hoody. Can’t we just go the normal vendor route so more people have access to it. Then we can get artists to do limited editions of the swag.

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Theo ý tôi bạn nên mở đa lĩnh vực đầu tư, chẳng hạn như tận dụng thanh khoản đem cho các tổ chức tín dụng vay kiếm lời rồi chia sẽ lợi nhuận cộng đồng…trên trao đổi swap chỉ dữ lại các thanh khoản chính thống ETH, các token tự do hoán đổi mặc định

Great idea - especially the diverting of proceeds back into the community treasury.

I like the idea of Uniswap swag. Finally I would have excuse to wear pink hoodie :).
@bitznbrewz it would be nice if you expanded on the idea a little.

I think project swag is a great way to engage the community and Unisocks has already proven demand for this! I am from Origin Protocol and we have a product called Dshop. It’s a decentralized platform for storefronts with crypto and fiat payments. It’s integrated with Printful so all order fulfillment, inventory management, and shipping is completely automated. Everything is free and easy to set up.

Brave, Kyber, Coinlist, and a bunch of other projects are already using it.

I’m @coleman415 on Telegram or if you want to reach out directly!


Sorry, im just asking.My apologies.Im Newbie, and some thing i dont know about uni and this wonder universe