Collectibles for headlines?

A chic @ s proposal, I think it is a good idea to create a UNI collectible for users who received the airdrop and are currently promoting our project.

As you know, we currently have the socks collectible. My proposal is to create an exclusive UNI collectible for these users and clients, with the possibility of exchange, negotiation, etc.

what do you think?


Uni Nft and a air drop us the disciples and allow us to build uni!!

I see that Chico Crypto suggested a UNI shirt.

When I presented the idea, I was thinking more about a work of art than a meme, t-shirt or similar.
As soon as I have the design, I wanted to pass it on to the UNI team to consider this possibility. At the moment, I am working on designs.
What does the idea stop you?

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