Let there be a wallet for uni and easy swapping with other coins

Let us have a uni wallet to enable easy storage and handling.
And let it be user friendly by so doing Uniswap will get to the tiniest corner of the world.


UNI is ERC-20 which means most of the wallets support it out of the box. No need to reinvent the wheel if you ask me.






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This seems to be more of a topic for Discord…

Realistically, as @BOR4 mentioned… UNI is a ERC-20 token, meaning it can be stored in ANY cryptocurrency wallet that supports (custom) ERC-20 tokens.

That said, that is super easy storage, easy handling AND easy to swap with other coins? You can use Uniswap as well as various wallets such as Trust Wallet enable you to swap within the wallet.

That said, locking this topic. Seems a little unnecessary and not governance related.

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