Uniswap v3, only Swap/Pool? or something more?

I’m sorry, I’m not sure that this sentence/question is appropriate for this section.

  1. I would like to ask / offer what do you think the chances are that Uniswap, can become something more than an exchange and liquidity pool.
    Why wouldn’t Uniswap offer lending and borrowing or insurance services? With a flexible management model, perfect reputation, and such a team, I think Uniswap would do the job of Compund, AAve and others just as well.
    What do you think uniswap could become more than just Swap/Pools?
  1. And the second question, we know that Uniswap v3 will appear soon. Does this mean that the “UNI” token will be the native token of the third version?

Uniswap is unique for SWAP & LIQUIDITY POOLING. Uniswap need more integration with other defi projects than developing the other services like lending and borrowing


what kind of pool or swap integration are you talking about? and why make all kinds of defi services from uniswap, such as branding or insurance or ETF.

My point here is that uniswap has every chance of becoming more than just swap and pools.

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I have no idea what to expect with UniSwap V3 but I wouldn’t be surprised to see UniSwap do something unique like the way they did with $SOCKS, another project generating another revenue stream which could be governed by UNI would be HUGE.


Does anyone know if the UNI token will be the native token in v3?

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Going to side with “stay in your lane and integrate”. The market seems to be favoring strong parts that can be mixed and swapped and added on to form more complex parts. Unitrade and a couple others are trying to add a limit book on top of uniswap, 1inch and the other aggregators drive volume through uniswap. Projects bootstrap their token through uniswap and plenty of the stuff for those trying to maximize yields include uniswap. Aave’s uniswap market hasnt worked out yet, but they still went and built a tool for lending LP tokens.

So you can either be the perfect part for everyone else to integrate, or you can compete with them all and they’ll all swap to the second best dex.

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As for comment 2) I’d like to think so, otherwise why would the UNI token have been brought in circulation now :wink: