Keyrock Delegate Platform

29/05/23 - 04/06/23

{TEMP CHECK} Deploy Uniswap V3 on Linea

Reason: We support this deployment and see a lot of growth potential considering the Consensys ecosystem and potential awareness push.

Voted YAE

{TEMP CHECK} Deploy Uniswap v3 on Base

Reason: We are in support of deploying Uniswap V3 on Base. Base is a promising L2 that most of the DeFi protocols will want to deploy for adoption & growth.

Voted YAE

{TEMP CHECK} Making Protocol Fees Operational: Fee options for V3

Reason: We support a conservative approach of starting with 1/10 and testing up to 1/5 as we said on the discussion here. We believe that 1/5 could become aggressive but are open to test and observe the differences.

Voted 1/10

{TEMP CHECK} Making Protocol Fees Operational: Initial deployment chain

Reason: The risks of deploying this on Polygon are low considering it represents less than 3% the V3 TVL.

Voted Polygon

{TEMP CHECK} Making Protocol Fees Operational: Asset to be held in the treasury

Reason: We believe a healthy diversification of stablecoins and ETH will be a good approach. As we can only choose 1 asset with this vote, USDC is our vote.

Voted USDC