Integration Targets - Where would you like to see Uniswap integrated?

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, it’s Uniswap’s many integrations that keep volumes (and thus fees) high and relatively uncorrelated to liquidity. I think it would be valuable to develop a list of applications and products that support digital assets, but don’t yet support Uniswap. Once we have this list, we can focus our efforts as a community to acquire these integrations.

I’ll start:

The common theme of my targets is that they’re retail user-facing applications, and therefore have overlap with our existing userbase. These integrations would allow applications which are currently focused on fiat-to-crypto on-ramping to allow a user-triggered assets swaps within the application without taking on any operational overhead such as sourcing liquidity.

I will continue to amend this post to include a comprehensive list if this post gains enough quality feedback.


What about to use uniswap as liquidity pool for CEXs ?


Help add to the list!

Twitter Open Source?

Not sure what you mean…

Would you mind scoping out how this solution would work?

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PayPal comes to mind.


I think your list is good and comprehensive.

Also, the work being done on the decentralized Masordon and Bluesky products is going to remove all the current restrictions on Crypto wallets, exchanges, and P2P payments that Twitter currently has in place for their centralized product. With Mastordon having ~2million users and Bluesky being built now, there is a nascent entry point for Uniswap.

Good thinking.

I like the idea of integrating with Leger or any other on-ramp that tries to become a one-stop-shop for crypto.

If Ledger integrated Uniswap as the go-to exchange service for ERC-20 tokens instead of Changelly, Ledger users would win because of the better rates - and thus, their swapping interface would be used more.

We could introduce a program where we pay part of the fees, like 0.05% of the volume that comes to Uniswap from Ledger, so that it would be even more beneficial for them. Like referral rewards.

Integrating with CEXes is a harder sell, in my opinion, as there would be no efficiency boost for them like with Ledger and Changelly, and they take their own commission.

I think an ongoing fee compensation reward shouldn’t be in place for DEX aggregators, as we wouldn’t get longer-term benefits from it.


This is a great idea!

Everyone with his different idea , as a community token I think distribution to uni holders will bring more investors and better advance in uniswap same as airdropping to early users attract investor

Uni is a great project is just a matter of time , will hit nothing less than 100$ in the next 5 years

It would make sense.

Can you elaborate on what the integration would look like mechanically?

Integrate with Later2 protocols like Injective or else or even with Link, Tron or Polkadot to make the fee cheaper. Not sure if feasible bun can also think about Binance Smart chain. Just an idea if I understood the question?

Uniswap v3 will have an implementation on Optimism. This should alleviate many fee concerns.

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I think you were spot on with the ledger. That seems like the best target. The other ones may be regulated