Hiturunk for Delegate - Mine ETH/UNI Now!

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Do you support using the unlocked treasury to airdrop to proxy users?

I do not support Dharma’s proposal with regards to how they want to institute an airdrop for users of proxy contracts, but I would be willing to discuss the issues with proxy contract users/providers to find a solution that works for everyone which may include an airdrop, but with different terms than Dharma’s proposal which I believe is a huge threat to Uniswap’s sovereignty.


Great idea. You have my support.

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agreed. Some users were definitely excluded, but I don’t see why every Dharma user who inadvertently used Uniswap without even knowing what it was deserves that voting power.

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You’ve got my whale vote, delegating to you now! Good luck us!

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Awesome! Really glad to have everyone’s votes!

We are now organizing the penguin party in a discord channel that I invite everyone to join: https://discord.gg/m3Fz65A

…Where we will try to have meetings very often! We have some exciting developments to share with the community soon about moving our delegation to our new multi-sig at penguinparty.eth, which is controlled by three of us co-delegating the votes [Myself, cComp, and Codebam from the uniswap discord] for the Penguin Party to keep everything decentralized. : )

As well, we are about to launch autonomous proposals and submit our proposal for adding ETH/UNI as a liquidity mining pool!


Quick question: Why isn’t there a proposal yet to give portion of fees to UNI holders? Can we make this proposal already? Or should this proposal be submitted after time-lock period passes?

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在Uni交易页面顶部的“Vote”模块,选“add delegate”,填上上面 Hiturunk 发的代理投票授权地址:0x0be0ecc301a1c0175f07a66243cff628c24db852 。授权就可以了。PS:授权会有一次Gas费,我当时大概是1刀左右吧,没多少。

Great question, the fee switch is behind a timelock. The fee switch cannot be activated until 180 days from deployment of Uni have passed.

Gather up, Penguins! You have been called to action! Now is the time to join us and have your voice heard in Defi governance! We think we have something important to say, when we say, you have a say, in what we say…anyway…

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Waddle on…

We at Penguin Party were looking for ways to let the community give us feedback and contribute to our mission! So, in that aim, we have integrated codecks to help us start our mission to gamify participation!

Our publicly transparent dashboard for project management and community ideation gamification…

Now you can see exactly what we’re working on and why, who’s working on it, and as we develop our cards/decks/journeys. Now you can see what it all means! We are now totally transparent. The community can suggest ideas to the codecks by voting it in on our discord with the command: !idea [idea] in #general. : )

Come plan the future of decentralized governance with us, at Penguin Party!

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I can’t access the codecks? :frowning: it asks me to login, not sure what i’m doing wrong

There’s a growing support on Discord. I think we can get the necessary vote if we make a push on social media. I don’t see why Dharma or Gauntlet wouldn’t want to put their support behind now that there is a growing consensus around it. We need it.


We fixed the link! Thanks for letting us know!

Our Uniswap Delegation Dashboard Is Coming Along!

Delegates Dashboard

With the last few commits, our web 3 app to view delegation information and delegate to your favorite candidate [or Penguin Party!] is developing nicely.

You can now see and delegate to your favorite defi candidates, and we are working on getting an autonomous proposals section finished so that we can show the community a release candidate!

As well, I published some routes today [with react components] to show…

Our codecks dashboard:

and an About Us that I’ve temporarily placed my last blog post in to:

We hope to iterate quickly and get something in front of the community ASAP!

Signed, 0x0be0ecc301a1c0175f07a66243cff628c24db852

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