Hiturunk for Delegate - Mine ETH/UNI Now!

Hi there folks, I’m Hiturunk, you may know me from the Uniswap discord!

I’m running for delegate, with the specific intention of submitting and passing a proposal to add ETH/UNI to the list of liquidity mining pools to relieve selling pressure on the UNI token and encourage hodling of the native token by end-users and farmers to ensure proper alignment of incentives between users, liquidity providers, and the dex itself.

I am a regular end-user, with a modest position of Uni that I intend to hold for the long term.

After our initial goal of adding ETH/UNI is completed, I will review and discuss with the community and my delegators proposals submitted and voted for off-chain on Uniswap’s snapshot page at: https://snapshot.page/#/uniswap.

I will work with any delegator to ensure their voice is properly heard in Uniswap government and faithfully work to ensure the proper development and decentralization of the protocol.

Signed, 0x0be0ecc301a1c0175f07a66243cff628c24db852.


Delegating my votes to you!

Whales please follow so that we can get this over the finish line! This is necessary to prevent CEXes from becoming dominant sources of liquidity and to give UNI holders a way to shield themselves from the early inflation in the protocol.


Awesome! Welcome onboard! :smiley: Feel free to @ me in the community discord with any questions or concerns.


hero of the #uni-token chat on Discord!


I have set up a medium account for all delegators to follow to stay up-to-date with information about my platform. :smiley: Feel free to follow!



I’ve been waiting for this exact moment, let’s get em’!

ok I will do it! I’d like to mine it too

What sort of reward do you think is appropriate to distribute to seeders of this pool and how do you think it should compare to the current pools?

Say this passes, what is the timeline for it to be implemented?

Good question, I certainly think that a good place to start would just be keeping all pools at the same issuance rate divided by number of pools, but I have heard some people say they’d be interested to see the pool be a little extra incentive with something like a 2x bonus for the ETH-UNI pool.

I think getting the thing done is more important than the specifics which we can hammer out after implementation, but I’d love to hear some thoughts. : )

The timeline for it to be implemented should not be more than a few days, but we could definitely use some guidance from the Dev Team on how that implementation will work and what the process will look like.


Would be in favour of it being more skewed towards the ETH-UNI pool to counteract the monstrous inflation in the first year. I am generally in favour of reducing it for the other pools and increasing it for ETH-UNI. At least 2x imo. I would be looking at numbers above 50% APY, although that’s going to be dependent on how big the pool gets. Certainly that will be supportive for the price too. Deep liquidity and liquidity mining rewards going to accumulators rather than farmers, at least that’s my theory on how the game theory would work.


I certainly agree that incentivizing the ETH-UNI pool could be a good idea.

Also; I have updated my Medium with a post containing today’s delegation numbers and plans for forming the Penguin Party voting block. :smiley:

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I believe in HODL Uni
You have my support

Awesome to hear! Welcome onboard!

For my penguins, today’s campaign update has been posted: