Wijuwiju.eth's delegation pitch

Hello fellow :unicorn:,

My name is Nikita Kudryavtsev,

I am a developer with an ok throughput capable brain, been in space since 2017 cycle
I currently working on pooled.money a client only interface to get better insights for v3 positions

I see Uniswap as one of the key participants in the ethereum community, anywhere from staying true to decentralised values, transparent repos, setting industry standard for UI/UX (grants, token list, interface, web3-react, sybil) to distribution.

I feel I share and understand core principles that guide both Ethereum and Uniswap, and think that could be a useful participant in our DAO, helping taking to the next level and setting yet another standard for others to follow and relate in regards to governance, yet I understand I’m no expect in many fields, nor do I have sufficient knowledge to make valid assumptions/decisions, but have some ability to see my real capabilities.

In my voting decisions/proposals, I will try to best of my capabilities and time availability, consider all Uniswap shareholders, and stay true to ethos values.

Think it would also make sense to include brief outlines on some ideas at time of this delegate proposal:

  • UNI treasury should in the mid/long term try to gain some exposure in other ethereum projects, especially the ones it relies upon, stable coins (DAI, MAKER), graph (GRT), gnosis safe and potentially auction (GNO), any lending protocols if we decide to allocate funds there, gitcoin grants (GTC) etc
  • As well as supporting Uniswap ecosystem through allocation of fund into programs like uniswap grants, we should also allocate fund into supporting wider ethereum infrastructure projects (clients, libraries, dev tools, etc)
  • Regarding the fee switch discussions to share portion of fee revenue among the UNI holders, I think this should be done once UNI distribution passes some threshold (i.e. 60-70%+), before that I don’t see really any point (my current understanding of share distributioncan be wrong)

I actively post my thoughts on twitter, and if you have any questions, feedback or disagreements please feel free to share publicly in this thread, or ping me on twitter, discord, telegram!

much love :octopus: wijuwiju.eth

motivation to propose myself is quite simple since I recently been actively following the space and feel somewhat comfortable, realised that I could represent my own thoughts/ideas better than anyone

twitter: wijuwiju0x
discord: wijuwiju#6304
telegram: wijuwiju
github: palevoo

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