Gauntlet: Delegation Migration / Consolidation

Hi all,

If we haven’t met, I head up Gauntlet’s governance platform. I’m posting here with the hope that this reaches the relevant parties.

As it stands, Gauntlet currently has two addresses that have UNI delegated to it:
EOA: 0x6626593C237f530D15aE9980A95ef938Ac15c35c
Multi-Sig: 0x683a4F9915D6216f73d6Df50151725036bD26C02

We’re in the process of consolidating all delegations to one address (multi-sig). If you are currently delegating to the EOA, we are asking you to re-delegate to the multi-sig address.

If you have any questions, feel free to DM me here or on Twitter (@mattdobel, @gauntletnetwork).

Thanks for your support.

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