Gauntlet Delegate Platform

Delegate Address: gauntletgov.eth (0x683a4F9915D6216f73d6Df50151725036bD26C02)


Gauntlet is a DeFi-native quantitative research firm specializing in treasury and risk management, incentive optimization, and mechanism design. Gauntlet uses battle-tested techniques from the algorithmic trading industry to help protocols manage risk, optimize revenue, and design better incentives. Our simulation models inform parameter decisions for protocols of all sizes, covering over 25% of aggregate DeFi TVL.

What do you want to see happen in Uniswap governance over the next year?

Gauntlet wants to see the Uniswap DAO continue to be a leading organization for DAO governance. This includes:

  • Running dynamic incentive programs in a sustainable fashion to drive an increase in protocol utilization, including an efficient migration to v4
  • Engaging in a thorough evaluation of fee switch parameters
  • Expanding Uniswap v3 deployments multichain, in a safe and reasonable manner
  • Improving governance processes to drive an increase in delegate engagement

Reasons for wanting to be a delegate:

Gauntlet has worked closely with the Uniswap ecosystem for a number of years and aims to be a good steward for the protocol/community. We will bring our technical background to help evaluate proposals which can advance the long-term impact of Uniswap in the blockchain ecosystem.

Gauntlet is excited to continue working with the Uniswap Foundation and DAO in parallel to achieve the communities goals.

Past contributions to Uniswap ecosystem and/or demonstrated protocol knowledge:

Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest:

Gauntlet works with a variety of protocols in the blockchain ecosystem, but does not work with any direct competitors to Uniswap.


Uniswap Arbitrum LTIP Match
We are opting to abstain from this vote as we are one of the service providers benefiting from this proposal. We are happy to help grow Uniswap in the Arbitrum ecosystem.